70r-m01: a State of the Art Gaming Mouse by Jurmol Yao

70r-m01: a State of the Art Gaming Mouse by Jurmol Yao

Avid gamers and first person shooter enthusiasts can never have enough gadgets in their kitty. Remember the good old guns which looked pretty ordinary, felt fragile and nothing more than sheer plastic but gamers still latched onto them. Cut to 2015 and there is the 70R-M01, a state of the art gaming mouse by Jurmol Yao. Move over the conventional mouse and track-pads, capacitive trackers and wireless controllers, the gaming mouse is potentially the next big thing, at least within the ambit of first person shooter games.

Jurmol Yao’s expertise in concept design and experience in industrial design is on at full display in the 70R-M01. Yao has a credible portfolio filled with stints as 2010 Intern of Otsuka Creative aesthetics center, 2010 Design cooperate with Sense30, 2011 Design Consultant of Jetlev Flyer Australia, 2012 Inter of NOVA Design Transportation Design Department, 2012 Interior Design Team member of East Timor Prime Minster meeting room, 2013 Shih Chien University practice facility administrator, 2014 Noon Design designer and presently a freelance designer.


The gaming mouse is basically a rifle, a gun, a mouse and a gaming controller, all in one. It can actually mutate, or transform in accordance with the needs of the game. And don’t imagine the old guns or semiautomatic rifles that this mouse can emulate. The mouse is capable of emulating the function and remotely the form of some amazing modern and futuristic weaponry that are common in FPS games these days.

The gaming mouse has a sophisticated design, a wide range of functions, the modular form can facilitate both right handed and left handed use, the body too can be adjusted to suit gaming preferences and specific gaming requisites. It was time that gaming controllers started coming in a form that would suit left handed and right handed gamers. Even some of the most expensive wireless controllers and gadgets don’t factor this into consideration. The conventional joysticks, although have evolved over the years, are still to account for a design that seamlessly caters to all and sundry. The 70R-M01 actually does this with élan.

One glance at the gaming mouse and you would marvel at the futuristic design but there is a need for more info on its specs and compatibility with games and gaming consoles. Should it be compatible with the popular consoles and offer a great experience playing the more complex games, it is a winner all the way.

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