Timing Tap: an Idea for Complete Hygiene when Washing Your Hands

Timing Tap: an Idea for Complete Hygiene when Washing Your Hands

For most people, there will come a time when they will need to use a public restroom. Whether this restroom be in a fast food diner, or in a Supermarket, for many people duty calls when they are out in public. If you have to use a restroom, you may encounter bathrooms that aren’t that lovely. In these bathrooms, you may be afraid to touch anything bare, as you have noticed that a lot of people have trafficked through the same restroom. In situations where you are washing your hands, most people have to touch the tap knob twice, in order to turn it on and off after use. This has made even more hygienic, as you are being exposed to the source twice. A new product called “Timing Tap” may have an answer to this dilemma that occurs in most public, as well as private bathrooms, a product that definitely has some good points.

What Is “Timing Tap”/What Are The Pros Of Timing Tap?


Timing Tap is a concept in which a water tap will be preloaded and set, to cater to the user. Basically, you can adjust the tap to accommodate for how long you will be washing your hands, and it will turn off after the designated time. This eliminates the need to touch the tap again, and it ensures that you are getting a fresh stream of water. The output can be adjusted to switch the volume of water coming out, as it has three settings: low, medium, and high. An indicator on the tap shows the water usage outputs, as well as the time settings left on the device. It is being designed by Checko T Kalacherry, and it’s an interesting concept to say the least. The Timing Tap could be very beneficial for use in public restrooms, as it a little more cleaner of a process when using a public facility. Timing Tap could be a good product in the future, but only time may tell of its overall effectiveness. This has made it a good project to look forward for the upcoming months left in 2015. While its release date is still a mystery, it would make sense that it could make a debut later this year, as it doesn’t require too much time or cash to build.