Battlecade: Brilliant Retro Gaming

Battlecade: Brilliant Retro Gaming

Thanks to the latest nostalgia craze, vintage video games are more popular than ever. From people who want to relieve the glory days of these early pixelated classics, to a younger generation that is discovering how fantastic these games still are, everyone seems to be taking a few classes with the old school.

There are a variety of ways in which you can enjoy retro video games for yourself. Without question, Battlecade is one of the most unique examples of how you can pick up a classic to come down the pike so far.

How Battlecade Works
At first glance, Battlecade looks as far removed from a video game device as humanly possible. However, the unique design of the product is just one of its cool features. Open up the Battlecade, and things get even more exciting.

You can look at the Battlecade as a combination of arcade gaming and classic board game design. Pop open the American walnut-made case, and you have two twelve-inch LCD screens facing one another. You will also notice that there is additional space to store things like your power supply, or your detachable joysticks. In a traditional arcade setting, you would stand side-by-side with the second player. Battlecade has you facing one another, but in such a way that you won’t be able to see the screen of your opponent. In terms of how Battlecade sets up, think of something like Battleship.

Portability is nicely handled with this device. Folding it in three places, Battlecade suddenly becomes a small, sharp-looking carrier. You can transport the case from one place to the next with absolute ease.

Best of all, Battlecade works with a variety of games.

Advantages Of Battlecade
The advantages of Battlecade should be clear to you at this point. This is an appealing, engaging way to pick up and play the classic titles of yesteryear.