The Beverly Hills Edition Bike: Solid Gold

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Recently, Hugh Power and Dan Bull, the founders of The House of Solid Gold, created the world’s most expensive bicycle. But would you want to ride around on this bike? Maybe, or Maybe not. Dubbed the Beverly Hills Edition, there is a very obvious reason why this mountain bike is the most expensive bike ever created. In this Nifty Reads article, we will tell you more about the very exclusive bike from the people at The House of Solid Gold. If you have lots of money lying around, it might just be your next new ride!

The Price & The Name

What makes this bike the priciest in the world? Firstly, the amount of time put into producing each bike. It takes the company over 750 hours of labor to produce each model. Secondly, this bike is extremely exclusive. Only about 13 of them will ever be made. Oh, did we mention that it is made of solid 24 carat gold? It is! Not only has that, but The Beverly Hills Edition (obviously named for the ritziest part of Hollywood) includes black diamonds, as well as golden sapphires. A couple carats of each are included in The House of Gold logo on the bike, alone. Even the water bottle on this bike is also made of gold. Alligator leather of a brown color covers the seat, as well.


The Beverly Hills Edition bike is a style that is known as a fat bike. This means that it is an extreme mountain bike. Chances are, if you bought this bike you would not be taking it out for a spin on the highway. Instead, you would be more likely to be hitting the open trails. Imagine wiping out, or maybe winning the race, on this sort of bike. You would certainly stand out among the crowd. What do you think about taking a bike like this out on the mountain? Is it worth it to ride in that much style, or no? Let us know!