Portal: the Friend of Wi-fi

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With the entrance of Wi-Fi in the already hyped up technology world, Wi-Fi has become a need for every individual. Engaging to the cyber world is something that everyone does on a daily basis and this is why it becomes important that the technology connecting us to others is good. Although, previously the routers that were keeping the Wi-Fi on a go have now slowed down due to traffic and congestion. This is something that had to happen because there are an infinite number of people using this technology at the same time, thus lowering the performance.

Where these issues have been highlighted, there engineers came up with a new router called Portal. Portal has been specially contrived to avoid congestion in order to deliver Wi-Fi with consistency to give a high-performance and greater coverage.

Portal being the first and the only router that gets through with congestion; also has other features that enable it to be regarded as a ‘breakthrough technology’.

  • Portal spectrum turbocharger technology gives access to radio airwaves 300 times more than any other router; enhancing performance and coverage by as much as twice in crowded settings.
  • Portal has unique and cool technologies like SmartLanes that monitors congestion and turns the lane steer around networks that are congested; thus providing uninterrupted and reliable internet experience.
  • Portal works consistently with all the devices that are already connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Gives greater speed, range and lower latency in comparison to the other routers. This is possible for Portal because it is designed in such a manner so that it can fulfil the purpose that the other router could not. The ability of Portal to operate crowded spectrum is way better than other routers. Additionally, the operation of this product in the uncrowded spectrum where there is no congestion combines with nine powerful antennas to enable your network to reach everywhere without any dead zones.
  • Portal also offers you with enterprise-grade security to protect your network so that your internet experience is worthwhile. The Portal offers rolling code to secure guest networks, constant interruption network and remote alerts to smartphones, managing web accessing and filtering through parenting controls, double firewall protection, etc.
  • One-touch smartphone set-up
  • Portal does not only have power but also has a sleek design that looks aesthetically good and manages to fold nine antennas within it.

So, now you can enjoy your internet experience and the aesthetic beauty of the router. This is why you should get hold of this device if you want an amazing experience.