Copic Marker: an All in One Marker Solution

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Have you ever compared a black and white picture or a video to a colored picture and video? What difference do you normally find? Colors, isn’t it? But, what is there in colors that people get more attracted to it rather than to black and white images?

Colors’ is a magical gift that fills spaces that are empty or that are dark. This filling is a manifestation of the abstract idea of lightening up dark holes that do nothing other than blurring your world, space, and/or vision.

Similarly, colors help you to define and explain reality with much more clarity. On the contrary, black and white tones would otherwise express nothing more than a surface reality. This is why when technology advanced, color stepped in every area so that nothing remains colorless.

Mostly, colors are used in arts to give detail and precision to thoughts and ideas so that they are expressed well. In addition, different color tools give different results like for example the effect color pencils give is different from markers.

However, unlike color pencils, markers are usually used for outlining structures/drawings or more precisely to illuminate certain areas so that the areas get highlighted. Additionally, markers come in a set so that you can choose the color you want, however, there is a new marker in town that has different colors within it. This compact marker is called, ‘The Copic Marker’.

The marker has other additional features as well. He features are listed below:

  • The Copic Marker is a fine-looking marker that has a black covering. Within it, there are different colors that you can choose to use. You do not need to pick a different marker for a different color. Copic marker is the one marker that gives all colors.
  • Unlike traditional markers, The Copic Marker design makes use of replaceable cartridges, thus there is no need to get a new marker.
  • This smart marker has an induction charger and also has the option of connectivity. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth or synchronization, and change the color of the marker according to your choice.

The Copic Marker is for sure the marker that you can carry with you especially if you are an arts person. Additionally, because it is a compact device, you can carry it easily without worry about fitting it in your bag.