Beddi: a Whole New Kind of Smart Alarm Clock

Beddi: a Whole New Kind of Smart Alarm Clock

We always wish we could sleep a little longer. Unfortunately, work, school, and additional commitments make that a difficult dream indeed. Nonetheless, we still need to have some type of alarm clock to get us up and moving. With that thought in mind, you may want to consider Beddi.

While smart alarm clocks are not a new concept by any means, there is no question that Beddi is definitely something different. This newcomer to the world of alarm clocks is definitely going to be something you’ll want to learn more about.

How Beddi Works
Naturally, Beddi will make sure you’re up when you need to be up. However, this alarm clock/Bluetooth speaker endeavors to be so much more than just a way to get out of bed. Take a moment to learn more about the long list of features that are associated with this unique smart alarm clock. You’ll see why Beddi backs up its claims that it can be so much more for tech enthusiasts than just something to make sure you get to work on time.

Some of the features associated with Beddi include the ability to wake up with Spotify, multiple USB charging ports, and a morning weather report. Furthermore, you’ll want to note that Beddi also provides you with the ability to keep ahead of any potential threats to your morning commute, while also arming you with easy-to-control/customize features that can be accessed through the app.

Advantages Of Beddi
There is no doubt that Beddi brings a wide range of benefits to the world of sleeping. You can customize the features to create something that is truly tailored to keep up with your life. From providing a white noise generator, to 1-touch Uber calling, Beddi is so much more than an alarm clock. It’s rare to find an alarm clock that is quite as cool as this.