Activ Life 2

If a sizable portion of your life revolves around the use of your bike, then you’re going to enjoy Activ Life 2. These bike wheel lights have been setting a trend worldwide due to their cool-factor. Plus, it is always better to have higher visibility on the road to avoid accidents in low light conditions. This multipurpose bike-lighting system stands out from the rest of the competitors due to its premium quality and hence, the well-deserved high ratings. 

Activ Life 2 Advantages

While this product accomplishes a great deal, there is one element that serves as the main reason you would want to purchase Activ Life 2 in the first place and that is the customizability it offers. Activ Life 2 can be fitted on a toddler wheel size of 12 inches to even a large adult wheel size of 29 inches.

Activ Life 2 moves away from traditional bike lighting systems, in the sense that the traditional systems tend to focus on illuminating the path going forward. However, this is a three-hundred-and-sixty degree bicycle lighting system. Which means you’re going to achieve visibility from all sides.

In addition to 360-degree visibility, Activ Life 2 includes 3 AAA Batteries and 21 brightest LEDs in the market today. Note: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Activ Life 2 (Best Bike Wheel Lights)

In addition to offering the safety feature, Activ Life 2 also wins the heart of its users by the aesthetically-pleasing colors. The bright LEDs are going to look great on your bike while providing you and those around you with the opportunity to maintain safe riding practices.

Features Summary

  • Waterproof lights
  • 21 LEDs pack
  • 6 Colors
  • Fit 12″ – 29″ Wheels
  • Include 3 AAA Batteries 
  • 5-minute install
  • No tool required

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