Remidi: Wearable Instrument for Playing, Recording, and Performing

Remidi: Wearable Instrument for Playing, Recording, and Performing

There are an increasing range of devices coming out that seek to give anyone who is interested the ability to play, record, or perform music. The Remidi is perhaps one of the most interesting additions to that thought. If you want something that provides both comfort and an impressive degree of flexibility, in terms of the music you can play, then you’re going to want to check out what Remidi can bring to the scene.

How Remidi Works
The design of Remidi is worth appreciating. The product features sensors in your fingers, as well as sensors in your palms, which give you the ability to trigger customized sounds. Furthermore, you’re going to want to note that the connected wrist-controlled hand gestures are capable of controlling impressions through reverb, echo, and so much more.

Consisting of sensor-loaded gloves that includes MIDI wrist controllers, Remidi essentially allows you to turn your hand into a music device. Hand gestures, palm movements, and fingertip efforts are just some of the ways in which you explore everything Remidi is capable of. As you’ll find in hardly any time at all, this product is capable of a great deal.

The pressure sensitive element to Remidi is certainly impressive all on its own. This product features a T8 Glove that will always know what you are trying to convey through your hands. You will find it possible to play with and combine a massive array of sounds, creating increasingly unique, compelling combinations of sounds and music with each turn.

Advantages Of Remidi
There is a slight learning curve to Remidi. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that we’re talking about a pretty small learning curve, all things considered. It’s not going to take you very much time at all to start enjoying everything Remidi offers. Recording, performing, and remixing are just a few of the things you can do.