Portable Pc Theater with Built-in Projector: Entertainment Anytime Anywhere

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There is no right time or right place for some entertainment. Whether it is your favorite game or the year’s nominated films, entertainment should be accessible anytime and anywhere. It is true that mobile devices and tablets do make entertainment available on the go regardless of where you are but there is something about a theater that doesn’t have any parallel.

Larger than life visual, surround sounds and a theater like experience are something that we all cherish. But seldom do we get to treasure such moments. With the Portable PC Theater and built-in Projector, you can have your entertainment with you, on the go and can set up your experience anywhere you are. The Portable PC Theater designed by Jim Woo Han is not the first of its kind but it is certainly among the more desirable ones.

Do you remember the good old UPS which was integral for any desktop computer. There are some more contemporary versions of that but the good old UPS is a utilitarian device. Imagine the same size but not the weight for the Portable PC Theater. The device will take half of the space that your subwoofer takes. It is that small and thus extremely portable. Carrying it is no tough ask.

A cool feature in the device is the removable projector. You can detach the projector and place it at any given platform or pedestal or elevation as is necessary for better viewing experience. The projector is connected to the device by a concealed wire. When not detached, the wire is discreetly located at the back of the device, entirely concealed. So you don’t have messy cables, dangling about as you carry the thing and you don’t have to worry about it while detaching the projector either. The luxury to place the projector at a place of your choice depending on where you are setting it up is indeed helpful. The projector also has surround speakers which complement the amazing viewing experience.

The aesthetic appeal of the device, the convenient handle on top that helps you to carry it around and the state of the art specs makes the Portable PC Theater a worthwhile purchase. If you love your movies, music, videos or any other form of entertainment then this is certainly something you should own. Also, if you are on the move at all times, this is an apt addition.