Oto Cycles

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OTO cycles

The OTO Cycle is a combination of mid-century design with 21st century technology. These electric bikes offer all of the convenience of a bike with the added bonus of an electric engine to take you that extra mile. With their mid-century design they not only look unique and stylish but harken back to a bygone era.


Product Description


The OTO Cycle comes with a build in 250 watt electric engine with NCM batteries, an LCD display and 5 levels cycle computer. Additionally the OTO Cycle comes with retro style leather saddle and grips. Its total weight is only a little over 50 pounds and can achieve speeds of up to 40 miles an hour with the ability to reach up to 4 miles an hour from a stopped position without ever having to touch a pedal.

Does it work?

Like other electric bikes the OTO Cycle provides all the benefits of owning and riding a bicycle with the added bonus of an electric motor to give you an extra edge. Unlike other electric bikes the OTO Cycle uses a mid-century style frame to offer a retro look on a new technology. This is great for anyone looking to or needing an electric bike but want something that has a classical look to it. The 250 watt electric engine is fitted into the center of the bike for easy access. Also the OTO Cycle has the option of coming with retro fittings like leather grips and saddle bags. As the OTO Cycle is an electric bike you also get all the benefits of having a 100% environmentally safe vehicle to help get around town and to and from the office.


With the combination of the mid-century design and adding an electric motor it’s the best of both worlds. As the OTO Cycle can also achieve speeds of up to 40 miles an hour you can spend less time riding and more time enjoying yourself. This is especially useful for people that ride their bikes for transportation as it will cut down on travel times as well as provide extra assistance going up hills or caring heavy loads. With the retro design you know you can be both fashionable and environmentally safe. So for anyone that is looking for or needs a safe and environmentally safe means of easy transportations the OTO Cycle is a wonderful tool for anyone from old and young alike.