Livall: a Truly Smart Cycling Helmet

Livall: a Truly Smart Cycling Helmet

Smart products are all around us these days. Livall promises to be the best smart cycling helmet that you could ever hope to come across. That certainly sounds interesting. However, what kind of experience does it ultimately deliver? Is it a true smart product that can enhance your life, or is it just a helmet with a lot of pointless bells and whistles?

The answer to those questions is going to surprise you.

How Livall Works

When it comes to smart product features, no one is going to argue with the idea that Livall brings a lot to the table. This comfortable cycling helmet features a built-in windbreak mic, a 3-axis G-Sensor, Bluetooth speaker capabilities, and even LEDs for both the top and back of your helmet.

At the same time, the Livall helmet also scores big points for being quite stylish. It would seem that when it came to comfort and style, the makers of Livall didn’t want to sacrifice a thing. In other words, Livall comes with a range of useful, easy-to-implement features, but it also remains a helmet that you can wear for long periods on the road.

Advantages Of Livall
If you’re cycling, but you need to stay connected to business and more, Livall will give you the ability to do exactly that. If you are riding with a group of cyclists, you can also utilize Livall as a means of communicating with your other riders via walkie-talkie. The days of yelling to one another are over.

At the same time, Livall also makes it easy to enjoy your favorite tunes while cycling. You can select songs, pause songs, and start songs with ease. You can maintain control of a great many things with Livall, but you don’t have to give up your concentration on where it really belongs.

Combing technology, comfort, and style, Livall is impressive.