Charging Your Phone with a Lamp?

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Tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, and other devices have now become an important part of our daily lives. They help us stay on-schedule, on-task, connected, and up-to-date. But they all have the same weakness: each of our devices needs a charge. Without a properly charged device, you may run into daily issues. No one likes to miss phone calls, messages, texts, or emails. With the Accoona lamp, however, you never have to worry about a drained battery again. This lamp could change your life!

The Problem It Solves

Ever wish that you always had a charger on your desk at home or the office? Tired of messy wires or cords? If so, then the Accoona is right for you. It offers a wireless charger that allows you to charge your device simply by sitting your device on its rounded, flat bottom. Your device can charge without any tangled cords or plug-ins to worry about. Charge your phone while you read, sip a cup of tea, socialize with loved ones, or do your work at the office. Never worry about packing a charger with you again.

Wireless Charging at Home or at the Office

Since the Accoona is a lamp, you can place one anywhere. Its stylish, modern, and sleek design means it is right at home in your office, your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. It’s a dedicated charger that always looks good and is always there to shed a bit of light on something. Just like other lamps in your home, there is no need for any sort of specialized installation. Just plug it in, install the specialized adaptor for your phone model on your phone, and you are ready to go. Charge your device whether the lamp light is on or off.

Massive Device Compatibility

So far, the Accoona lamp is yet another product that we love that is still in the development stages. The designers claim that this lamp is compatible with every brand of phone at the moment except for Motorola and Sony phones. We imagine a future where every home, office, and table at every restaurant will have something like this. Think of the convenience! With a novel idea like this we could finally ditch all our wired chargers and stop hunting for an electrical outlet everywhere that we go. Instead, our phones would always be charged and ready to go.