Wynd: Air Purifier Gets a Smarter and Smaller Upgrade

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When you sift through the Kickstarter campaigns, you could easily see that most of them are skewed towards giving your phone a better case, battery or speakers. There aren’t many of them that are really taking the responsibility of the world on their shoulders. This read is about an Air purifying gadget that has already surpassed it’s pledged value of $50000 on Kickstarter with 32 days still remaining.


People who know the significance of breathing clean air knows what this small device is capable of. Wynd can purify the air around you by cleaning the hazardous and dirty particles from the air. It’s the size of water bottle, and can be carried around anywhere.


Wynd is not just equipped with a low-turbulence, high-airflow filter, but is also preinstalled with a tracker that can tell you the quality of air around you. The tracker can sense allergens, smoke and dust particles in the air.


Wynd isn’t just about taking care of the air around your office space or car, it aims to deliver worldwide metrics for the quality of air in the long run. With Wynd’s iOS app, you can see macro air quality levels, so you always check which places have the purest air. Wynd plans to develop a global crowdsources air quality map that will help people make smarter travelling choices.


At just 0.6 pounds, and 0.6-inch diameter, the device is going to be ultra portable for sure. Also, Wynd is equipped with an 8-hour battery before you need to recharge it.


What’s more significant about this device is that it can quickly clean the air at 8 litres/second. There is an auto mode that will automatically detect the air quality and proactively work to achieve the desired purification level.


Wynd can track how the environment’s air quality is changing over time. You can get all the notifications on your iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Apple Watch. Wynd will provide you actuarial reports with how much pollution you were able to keep away from your lungs with its help.


This air purifier is certainly a precious Kickstarter campaign. It has unique features that you won’t find with other air purifiers. It can monitor air quality, clean it and send you the results onto your iPhone. You can see the real-time air quality map and receive instant alerts if the air quality worsens.


However, Wynd is not suitable for purifying air in your large rooms. It’s good enough for your personal space like office, car or even your toddler’s stroller.