World’s Smartest Screen Protector – Halo Back

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IPhone has a large fan following and as soon as the new model comes up in the market, more and more people want to have it. As iPhone is becoming better it certainly is becoming bigger. And as the size is increasing it is increasingly becoming difficult to hold and handle with a single hand.

In the processing of pressing that far corner button, you might drop your phone. Yikes! That could act in a major damage. Though double tap and swipe helps sometimes but it does not prove to be successful on each attempt and takes time as well.

Now with HALO BACK’s new smart screen protector especially designed for iPhone so that the iPhone users have an ultimate smartphone experience without the fear of dropping of phone,

All you need to do is install the smart screen protector on your iPhone and turn on the screen.

No battery. No Apps. Could it get any better than that? The HALO BACK screen protector not only ensures you having an easy access to corner buttons but also protects your iPhone.

With new improved features, it is even better than the previous screen protector that we launched last year. Following are the top features that have been made way better and efficient than before:

  • iPhone 7 type added
  • 3 types of basic materials that are considered of top notch of screen protector.
  • Last but not the least, the sensitivity has been improved 2 times due to the new and improved electric circuit design which is based on nanomaterial generates.

The new HALO BACK has been designed particularly for the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus and it works excellently for all the iPhone 6 & 7 series. Three options of materials have been incorporated in the new HALO BACK smart screen protector. All being easy to apply, durable, ultra clear and no bubbles, it features self-healing, glass pro and privacy.


The premium self-healing material has glass-like transmittance which ascertains super clarity and high sensitivity. It saves the phone from scratches and comes with easy applicable specialized AB glue.

Glass Pro:

Formed of double-fortified tempered glass, glass-pro offers excellent scratch protection with smooth feel. It is impact proof and anti-fingerprint.


This keeps your private information hidden from strangers.

After trying out detailed testing, we have succeeded in making this prototype which meets the highest standards. To control unique quality, dozens of manufactures were contacted to meet the high standards and be packed and delivered on time.