The Super 73 Electric Bike

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An electric bike that is also known as an e-bike or a booster bike is not anywhere closer to the regular cycle or an electric motorcycle. It actually looks very different. An electric bike is an advanced version of a regular bicycle. The addition of many electrical apparatuses like motor, a controller and a battery fitted smartly as one unit in the bike makes the electric bike.

Though the electric bike is not similar in appearance to an electric motorcycle or a cycle but the function are somewhat the same. The style of riding it is also the same. The only difference which is actually an addition to the regular cycle is that it has a an electric component that is aids the cycling experience of a man by reducing the amount of energy the rider would have to put in. However, it does not completely let the rider free but only makes his/her work easier.

Such electric bikes are very useful if you plan to cycle on hills or mountainous places. Hilly topographies or rugged landscapes are places where cycling become more difficult and requires you to yield in more energy to cycle yourself upwards. If in this case you have an electric bike, you will be able to save some energy. The electric bike will do half your work, which is more than a help. It is like it is doing half your work. These bikes are suitable for individuals who prefer going for camping or visiting mountainous areas. You can take your electric bike with you and can easily travel around the place.

So buy one electric bike to accompany you during your expedition. The best electric bike that is out in the market is The Super 73 by Lithium cycles that is a powerful bike ready to take you anywhere with a power of 1000 watts.

The additional features that this electric bike has are as following:

  • Has tires that are 4.25 inch wide and are semi-slick that allows the bike to ride through any type of landscape.
  • Is affordable, unlike, other electric bikes
  • Has the facility of a cup holder and bottle opener that eliminates your worry for thirst during your ride
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Has the option of selecting and customizing speed of the electric bike
  • Has strong tires that are puncture resistant
  • Has dis brakes that stops faster and keeps you safe

So all the bike lovers, hurry and buy this bike that has so many features that can benefit you.