The Sensel Morph: the Evolution of Interaction

The Sensel Morph: the Evolution of Interaction

There are a variety of ways in which we can engage with, manipulate, and understand the ever-growing digital landscape that surrounds us. The Sensel Morph is just one of those ways. However, a quick look at what this device is capable of is going to make something very clear to you: When it comes to the ongoing evolution of how we interact with our devices, which in turn allow us to interact with the larger world, Sensel Morph represents an intriguing new approach.

How Sensel Morph Works

In the simplest terms possible, the Sensel Morph is a multi-touch interaction device. Utilizing a form of technology known as Pressure Grid, the Sensel Morph has a degree of force sensitivity that is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Not only can it detect a finger, but it can just as easily detect things like paintbrushes or drumsticks.

Right out of the box, this product is capable of working with a multitude of devices. In addition to this, those know their way around the technical side of a product will love how easily it can be hacked, in order to suit more specific needs. Developer cables, USB connectivity, and Bluetooth gives you a range of ways in which to connect your Sensel Morph to your device. The use of Overlays makes it even easier to use this device for art, music, video games, creation, simple typing, or even software development.

Advantages Of The Sensel Morph
At the end of the day, the appeal of the Sensel Morph should be clear: This device is going to give you the ability to interact with a wide variety of interests of products. Combine this with the Overlays, and you will have something that can keep up with almost every aspect of your professional, creative, and recreational life. This multi-touch product can truly handle it all.