The Future of Personal Transportation

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When you go alone, you go fast. It is true and has been made possible by the means of personal transportation. The future of personal transportation looks even more bright as new designs are emerging to the fore, each better than the other. Keeping steadfast with the world, the Grass-Hooper conceptual bike has raised a wave of awe in the world of bikes.

The design is extremely sleek and stylish putting any of its rivals to shame. The matte black finish coupled with striking colors on the rim and some parts of the body make it a perfect combination of style and service. The design proposes electrical running which insists on its nature friendly properties.

A further detail about the design and efficiency of the bike is discussed under:


The compactness of the idea makes it a special one. This two-wheeler is proposed to be smaller and less wide than any other proposals. This will increase its efficiency and serviceability. The center of the bike a hollow region which is covered by lids. This space can be used to store your accessories which you’re carrying with yourself when traveling around.


As said earlier, the design has shown a compactness in approach. The tires of the bike are broad with the rear one smaller in diameter than the one at the fore. This will give the bike more speed plus increased attrition. The hollow chassis makes the central part of the bike larger than any other. However, this area is covered which allows you to keep your valuables in it, for instance, your purse or a small proportion of luggage, while traveling.


The future holds many opportunities in it. One such insists that future of transportation will be fueled by electricity rather than gasoline. This design also features a motor engine powered by electricity. This makes it an eco-friendly design which will have a lot of demand in the days to come.


The central color of the bike is matte black, however, the design suggests there will be some parts lit up with striking colors. Users will have the option to choose from a range of colors. Striking blue, green, and red are some of the many which will be available few years from now.

The future holds in itself many opportunities. The world is seeking transportation designs which are smart and nature-friendly. This proposed design put forward by Grass-Hooper bikes holds in itself many promises.

Last updated on July 20, 2024 12:22 am