Smartphone Bean Roaster

Smartphone Bean Roaster

There is a London based company out there that has brought up a whole new level of brewing coffee by bringing the level of the refinement to surface at all major coffee shops by creating a smartphone control micro-roaster. This has been said to be the first digital micro-roaster available on the market and has been listed as being able to roast even green coffee beans in under 10 minutes. This can also be combined to be used on your smartphone controlled coffee machine.

The beans are going to be roasted inside of the cyclone system that has been patented by James Dyson. This process has been started with the slight push of the button either on the machine itself or on the smartphone app. It can be used in conjunction of any phone that is a smartphone no matter if it’s a iPhone or an Android device. To make matters better, the recipe on the app will allow for you to change the roasting of the beans to controlling of the temperature of the machine. By using all of these factors, you are able to get a whole flavor out of your coffee every day.

If you do not want to use the recipes that come already programmed to your coffee bean brewer, know that you are able to create your own recipes and then upload them to share with others through the app. The built in social networks helps to keep you in touch with others who are like you and need or want to have all the high end gadgets like this one.

If you are not sure of a place nearby that sells the green and unroasted beans, Ikawa is able to deliver them right to your door front. The beans that the company offers are said to be from some of the best coffee destinations around such as Ethiopia and Brazil as well as Guatemala. The farmers are being worked with through the sales of the coffee beans in order to make a better quality coffee bean. This also allows for them to make more money in the beans they harvest.

For those who do not know, Kickstarter has been used to help raise funds for this roaster and all the funds have been reached for the goal so far therefore you can secure your roaster by investing in the assembly line. The very first set of roasters is set to ship out in the month of February 2016.