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In contemporary times, the life is hard and fast. We often compromise our sleep to get the job done assigned to us at work. This gradually affects our sleep patterns which ultimately leads to health consequences. Well, not anymore. FitSleep is personal lullaby which helps you fall asleep. It emits low-frequency alpha waves which relax your body and you go into dreams in no time at all. Apart from assisting you in your sleep, it helps you wake up early, maintain your sleeping patterns and ultimately manage a good health which is extremely important these days.


Unlike those typical medical sleep monitors which used chips attached to your body, it is very small in size. It weighs only 100 mg and can fit into your pocket. The features of the design of this precious gadget are very simple.

Main body

The main body is made of polymer material which provides cover to all interior machinery. It has a baby-skin texture as it is mechanically polished. The material is eco-friendly and doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.


The patented chipset consumes a low amount of energy and produces efficient results. It readings are almost same compared to that of traditional medical monitors.

Gold Sensor Chip

The golden chip releases low-intensity alpha waves which help you fall asleep.

Li-ion Battery

The gadget is powered by Li-ion battery which has a backup time of 30 days. After 30 days continuous usage, you’ll need to recharge it to bring it into application once again.


The extremely efficient nature of performance makes it a much-loved accessory among many. It helps you live a balanced lifestyle.

Checks Heart Rate

It keeps a check on your heart beat allowing you to monitor your heart rate. Normal working of your heart is important for a good sleep.


During your sleep hours, it helps you find out your respiration patterns. If you find any absurdity, you can consult a professional doctor to check if you are facing any breathing problems.

Sleep patterns

You can design you working keeping in view your sleep hours as it helps you manage your sleep patterns.



Benefits of this too many. It is just like your sleeping guide which you can take with yourself anywhere.

Sleep Tips

Its built-in design gives you sleep tips which will ensure you enjoy a good sleeping time and wake up active and fresh.

Sleek Design

It can easily fit in your pocket due to its small size. You can carry it with yourself no matter where you are.


It is widely tested device and has proved its durability. Its results are dependable and working is efficient, making it a perfect consultant which can fit into a purse.