Sky 2: the Weather Camera System

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Have you hear about Sky 2? It is a new weather camera system that is an only complete weather coverage system that informs you about the climate outside and that too with images. Sky 2 is basically a community-based weather camera station that ensures to provide all the information about the weather with real-time images, precise weather data and time –lapse.

Sky 2 is the second generation after Sky 1, which was a personalized weather system. Sky 2 has been designed to tell you a sky story that is basically a visual narration of what your sky looks like, throughout the day. The weather camera system is made to measure:

Additionally, Sky 2 is connected with STORM that is an added accessory to the weather camera system that is there to give additional data regarding the climate. STORM is a wireless device that connects to the weather camera system when it is paired to it. When this device is paired to Sky 2, it will measure:

  • Rainfall total
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • UV

This system is connected to your mobile via the BloomSky app that is a free mobile control centre where you can share and view valuable information regarding the weather. The interface aids in letting you view the real-time weather condition. Moreover, you can also share you weather information with your family and friends. The application gives you the permission to send customized notifications to people who are following your device. You can also personalize devices and/or locations that you want to follow and get updates about. No matter what place you are in, you can with ease access your weather data.

Furthermore, the weather camera has specific features that add to its popularity. The features are as following:

  • It has an ultra-wide HD camera
  • It has lenses that are multi-coated
  • The casing that the weather camera system has is anti-reflective
  • It has high color dependability
  • The camera has a 45° angle shooting that is adjustable
  • Has an automatic time-lapse originator

So, if you wish to have a device that can let you know the weather story everyday, at the end of the day, hurry and buy the second generation of Sky wather camera system and benefit from it!