Shake Washer: is the Mini Hand-powered Travel Washing Machine Worth Buying?

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Shake Washer

Traveling can be a lot of fun or a lot of pain. It depends entirely on the perspective you have and the challenges you have to deal with. Vacations are certainly fun but business trips or shorter travels are not always very enticing. Those who have to travel for work and that too quite frequently will always be tired from excessive touring. A major challenge is maintaining a clean wardrobe. Living out of a suitcase can never be exciting.

While every problem may not be solved overnight, at least some of them can be managed better. Such is the attempt of Jung Seub Lee who has designed the Shake Washer. The Shake Washer is basically a mini washing machine. It is small enough to hold in one hand and simple actions of shaking the washer will clean small garments or accessories. The washer is not capable of cleaning shirts or trousers but it can clean your handkerchiefs, socks, and underwear. A vest that can be squeezed into the small space of the washer can also be cleaned using the Shake Washer.


Shirts and trousers don’t have to be cleaned every day unless some mishap stains the garments. Jeans can be easily worn for several days before they need any washing. The same cannot be said about underwear, inner garments or socks, and handkerchiefs. They should not be recycled or reused, not even for one day.

The Shake Washer comes with a drying feature and has a battery. The battery can be disassembled and charged separately and the washer also has a plug which can move up or down to get hooked into a socket. You can comfortably wash and dry smaller pieces of your wardrobe in the Shake Washer.

While trying to attend to some of the problems travelers face, the washer fails to explain how the space for the device itself will find its way in the luggage. If you don’t have enough space to take extra socks, underwear, and handkerchiefs, then it is likely that you would not have the space for the device itself. Besides, the hand powering system or the shaking action that one has to invest in maybe a little too much to ask from frequent travelers who are anyway tired of traveling.

Is traditional washing easier or simpler than the Shake Washer and whether or not the latter clean your stuff effectively; that’s the moot!