Romo, the Smartphone Robot

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Having a robot in your house is not something out of the ordinary, as many of us already use robotic lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners. However, robots can also be used for entertainment purposes, and Romo is the prime example.

Romo is a robot which has been specifically created to provide you with entertainment and many of you will use it as a toy. What makes Romo stand out is the fact that it uses your smartphone as its brain, so you can easily program it through to do just whatever you want it to. Romo can roam around the house or play chase with you, respond to your emotions or search for others. The developers have created a nice easy-to-use app.

Romo has a great educational value for kids, since it provides numerous guided missions which helps kids to learn programming, using drag and drop programming module. Romo comes with an acrylic base that is fully motorized and controllable via a smartphone.

Some of the notable features include customizable behaviors, state of the art robotic vision as well as an SDK. There is also a two way video or audio controller that allows remote control.

Overall, we find Romo to be fascinating, cute robot that’s going to revolutionize the way your kids play. Being interactive and very fun, the robot also has an educational value so your kids can have fun and learn at the same time with ease.

Romo costs 129$ and it can be purchased from For the moment you need to have an iPhone to use it, although Android support is set to come soon.