Rocketbook: Write, Draw, Scribble on Notebook & Store It in the Cloud

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[UPDATED: 2021-03-21]

Rocketbook is one of the few concepts that have managed to generate much more funds than asked for. Launched with a goal of $20,000, the project has raised more than half a million dollars. That doesn’t happen every day. But a concept like Rocketbook doesn’t come across every day either.

Rocketbook is a notebook. Good plain old notebook that looks like just a fifty or hundred sheets bound together using spiral binding. You can use any pen or pencil and draw, write or scribble on the pages. You can take notes, paint a picture, draw up a design, write a poem or you may simply use it for any other purpose you feel like. You may be an artist, a student, a professional, a designer, a writer or anyone who needs to write something down on a piece of paper. Regardless of your preference towards or against digital renditions of artwork and writing, Rocketbook allows you to write, draw and scribble just as you would have done twenty years back and it immediately digitizes what’s on the pages. Subsequently, the content is stored in the cloud. You can use Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote or any other cloud based storage or even your email if you want. All contents on the Rocketbook will get digitized and stored in the cloud. This is facilitated by the icons at the bottom of each page.

As miraculous and handy as it may sound, Rocketbook isn’t just an analog to digital converter and immediate storage facilitator. The notebook is microwave proof. The pages are reusable. You can always erase what you have written or drawn but you can also microwave the whole book to start afresh. With heat-sensitive ink pens you can write or draw anything on the pages of Rocketbook, once you are exhausted with the book you can put it in your microwave and your book would be completely new. All ink, writing, drawing and impressions would be wiped or erased completely. It is similar to how digital space is formatted or cleansed completely. Once your Rocketbook is out of the microwave, it would be completely new and fresh with no traces of what you had done on the pages.

Rocketbook comes in two sizes and you can get one now if you make a contribution. Else, you can wait for it to roll out on the market.

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