Pockit: Revolutionary Gaming System

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There is no question that console gaming as a concept is more elaborate than ever before. When we consider the leaps and bounds that have been made by consoles over the past two, even three decades, it’s hard not to be a little amazed. We look at the work being done by giants like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, and we’re excited about the future of console gaming.



But let’s not forget that other individuals and companies are working to revolutionize the console gaming industry, as well. The Pockit is the brain-child of Adam Henriksson, Nicklas Nygren, and the Copenhagen Gaming Collective. It seeks to answer once and for all one of the biggest complaints gamers have: Playing a great game can naturally be a lot of fun, but wouldn’t it be nice to also have the ability to remove your eyes from the screen as necessary?


How Pockit Works

While there are great games that we can play by ourselves, almost all of us prefer the social component that console gaming can bring to the table. We like to play with others. We like to interact with others. Pockit is a portable motion controller that endeavors to create a more social gaming experience. It does this by focusing on different objects around the players, and then returning feedback to the players with sounds, lights, and vibrations that will be dependent on which the player acts to win.


Note the size and shape of the Pockit. The easy, comfortable grip of this device will encourage physical activity and strong social interactions amongst players.


Advantages Of Pockit

Obviously, this could be a significant step in the world of immersive gaming. Pockit seems to be something that combines form and function in one phenomenal package. It could change the way we interact with one another while playing our favorite games. It’s a fascinating concept.