Now You Can Play Ps4 Games on Xperia Z3

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PlayStation fans would seldom want to try their hands on anything other than the PS consoles. But every now and then there comes a situation when having some remote access to the PS games or the console becomes quite desirable. That is exactly what has been made a reality by Sony.

PlayStation 4 comes in with an integrated feature of streaming games to other devices made by Sony. The streaming is Wi-Fi powered and it is absolutely real time. Almost every PS4 owner would know that PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV already had this feature and one could have used the Vita handheld devices or the micro console to play PS4 games. Now, you can play these games on your Sony Xperia Z3 smart phones and tablets. The app facilitating the remote play option or the streaming is available on Google Play Store.


With the app, you can now play your PS4 games in another room or anywhere in the house where you have your Wi-Fi connectivity. With PS Vita, there was a problem that had disappointed many PS4 fans. The remote play option did not allow as much thrill as the controllers of PS4, especially due to the lack of shoulder triggers and shocks. With Xperia Z3 devices, that has been taken care of. Now, playing personal shooter games using the remote streaming can be just as thrilling as it was playing it on PS4.

There are many advantages of hooking up your Z3 with PS4. You don’t need an additional television set or any visual medium. You don’t need to compromise on the experience because you can use the DualShock 4 controller. You can also get yourself the Sony BSC10 Bluetooth Speaker Dock if you want the sound to be perfect. There are some other accessories as well which can make hooking up the smart phone or tablet with your PS4 even more seamless and integrated. This remote play feature is perhaps a better alternative to Vita.

If you don’t own a Z3 smart phone or tablet and instead own the preceding version, the Z2, then you don’t need to be disappointed because the same feature is being made available on devices preceding the Z3.

Download the PS4 Remote Play app on your Z3 smart phone or tablet from the Play Store and start playing your favorite PS4 games remotely.