Moky: the Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

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Variations on keyboard and touchpads are being released all the time. However, you haven’t seen something quite like Moky. This invisible touchpad keyboard promises to be the very first of its kind. However, novelty aside, it also promises to be a fantastic touchpad keyboard. Does it deliver on that front?

How Moky Works


If Moky has its way, you will never have to carry around a keyboard, a touchpad, and a mouse ever again. Moky endeavors to be a combination of all these things. It essentially allows you to use a keyboard as a large, invisible touchpad. This product features IR optical touchpad capabilities, pantograph keyboard capabilities, and Bluetooth low-energy capabilities, which ensures long battery life. The specs behind Moky are impressive, to say the least.

Moky features type and drag capabilities. What this means is that you will be able to utilize touch sensibility while also being able to control the mouse at that point. What you won’t have to do is move your hands further along, in order to continue using the mouse. Gently tapping the surface of the keyboard selects and executes objects. In addition to this, Moky also features drag and click capabilities, along with multi-touch. Pinching two fingers out or in will control zooming.

Advantages Of Moky

Moky will be able to connect to three devices via Bluetooth, and it can connect to a single device through a USB port. It’s also worth noting that this device works with Windows, MAC OS, and Android devices. It comes in a variety of colors, and you can expect as many as eight different keyboard layouts. This ensures that virtually anyone can take advantage of this product, which is both easy-to-use, and actually seems to deliver on everything that it promises to do.

Keep in mind that Moky also includes a pouch for easy storage and transport while on the go.