Lvl is the Innovation in Monitoring Hydration

Lvl is the Innovation in Monitoring Hydration

No one can argue the importance of keeping oneself hydrated. Water is the most vital resource for life. They say one can survive without food for a reasonable amount of time but the same can’t be said for intake of water.

On the other hand, we have more demanding lives than ever before. People are more involved in their day to day activities and it keeps them busy enough to forget some necessary requirements of their body. People are running on less than 3 hours of sleep and more than five cups of coffee per day. If you ever find a moment to analyse your current lifestyle, you will discover that you are unnecessarily punishing yourself.

If you ever notice the pattern, you will realise that it is the excessive use of technology that is keeping us so disconnected from our own well-being. So, why not turn the tables and optimise technology to take out time to take care of ourselves.

LVL: The New Age Hydration Monitor

LVL is an innovative technology created by BSX Athletics to monitor your daily intake of water and how much you require more. Moreover, it is the first of its kind which you can wear around your wrist meaning that you are actively participating in trying to reconnect with your well-being.

How Does LVL Work?

LVL is a great tech gadget to keep track not only of your hydration levels but checks your heart rate and additional activity in order to notify you where you need to put more effort to reach the optimum level of your performance. The wearable monitor indicates you how much more water you need at a time depending on your existing levels and sweat rate at that time. Moreover, it will also tell you about how that will help you improve.

LVL is Trendy

LVL is not only going to help you improve your heath and daily performance but it is no compromise on your fashion choices. The gadget is available in silicon, brown and black leather wrist straps so that you can carry it with any kind of outfit.

LVL is for the Tech Savvy

It is the dream of a tech nerd. It might not make you look like a spy agent but its elegant and user-friendly interface makes it stand out. Moreover, you can integrate it with your smartphone via BLE.

LVL is the innovative way to stay healthy.