Itron: the Fastest Portable Charger Ever

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When it comes to keeping your battery charged, there is no question that you have options. However, if you’re serious about utilizing something that understands how fast you need your charger to work, then you’re going to want to take a serious look at the iTron. This product is currently claiming to be the fasted portable charger that is currently available on the market. If you happen to take it for a test run, you might just be inclined to agree.

How iTron Works

Just how fast is the iTron? It’s pretty darn fact. In fact, it takes the iTron just eighteen minutes to charge a 9000mAh battery. Keep in mind that with other portable power products, it can take approximately eight hours (if not longer) to charge the same type of battery.

If you don’t have the full eighteen minutes, don’t worry. You’re going to discover that if you have just a handful of minutes with which to charge your device, iTron can still accommodate you nicely. In just a couple of minutes, it can charge your device enough to get you to a different charger.

It is worth keeping in mind that the iTron is capable of working with just about any smart device that’s currently available. This list includes the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy, the iPad Air 2, and several others. Chances are, this product can charge your device with ease.

Advantages Of iTron

The advantages of iTron should be pretty clear to you. The device not only works with a wide range of devices, but it does indeed provide a powerful charge in a short amount of time. You’re also going to love the fact that taking the iTron with you is an extremely simple matter. You’re definitely going to want to learn more about what this product is capable of. It definitely delivers what it promises.