Hydra: a True Hybrid Drone

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Drones are big news these days. Whether you feel that drones are a good thing, or if you believe they are a bad thing, one fact remains: Drones are here to say.

No matter how you might feel about drones, it’s hard not to get at least a little excited about something like the HYDRA, which seeks to become the first hybrid gas-electric drone. It certainly offers an intriguing next step in the evolution of drones as a concept.

How HYDRA Works

As mentioned before, HYDRA is a hybrid drone that is designed to utilize both gas and electricity. It can handle up to a full hour of time in the air, and it is capable of maintaining a payload capacity of seven-plus pounds. That alone is impressive.

Through its use of a fuel engine, HYDRA will be capable of running for much lengthier periods of time, than any drone that gets its juice from batteries. Drones as a rule run on batteries, at least for now, so this fact alone separates HYDRA from some of its competitors. The avionics computer for HYDRA is equally impressive, in terms of its ability to get data from the drone’s instruments. It can communicate with the controller on the ground, maintain proper motor speed, and integrate effortlessly with any payload that it is currently carrying.

You can run the HYDRA with a standard hand-held remote control, but you can also control it through the use computer or mobile software apps. The payload attachment port for HYDRA is also impressive.

Advantages Of HYDRA

HYDRA truly seems to represent a step forward for drone technology. It seeks to utilize new power sources, but it doesn’t seem to sacrifice anything in the bargain.

It is worth noting that at this time, funding for the project has been cancelled. It is unknown at this time when/if it will resume.