Hoverbike Drone

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People are always fascinated about things like high speeds and flying, but unfortunately until now we didn’t have the opportunity to test a product that successfully manages to incorporate these two ideas into a single thing. Thankfully, it seems that time draws near, because some clever pilots are now in the process of developing a hoverbike drone, which is basically a motorbike that instead of using wheels hovers over the ground. Very ambitious project and hopefully it will reach mass production sometime in this decade.


The development team has launched a Kickstarter campaign that enables us to purchase a 1/3 scale replica of the hoverbike drone which is a great way to pass the time until the manned hoverbike will enter full production.

Hopefully, this campaign will make the hoverbike drones sell more, which will provide the hoverbike project with the necessary funding that it needs.

The scaled drone is quite neat since it has a quad perspective and a removable place made out of aluminium that you can use at your own pace even if you want to transport something on it. We liked the fact that the quad comes with protective ducts so you will be fully safe even if it comes towards you while it’s fully functional.

Moreover, the device brings a stunning 3DR Pixhawk flight controller that is very precise and easy to use, something that you will certainly enjoy a lot as you start using the hoverbike drone.

While taking a look at the drone sketch, we noted its complex design, estimating the amount of time and effort that went into the creation of these smaller models, not to mention the hoverbike itself.

The standard drone has a frame, 4 motors, 4 propellers, 4 ESC, 2 batteries, a light controller, a micro board and some built-in LED lights. These are useful and lots of fun for those situations when you want to fly at night. What’s nice is that the hoverbike drone can be folded and it even comes with its own storage backpack, so you won’t have a problem transporting it.

It’s amazing that it comes fully assembled and that you only need to bind it to your own radio frequency, which is indeed a very nice thing to say the least.

Hoverbike drone is certainly an ambitious project and will gather a lot of attention when it sees the light of day. Until then though, we can purchase smaller scale drones which are interesting and a lot of fun. Don’t miss out on opportunity to support one of the most ambitious crowdfunded tech projects of recent years.

It’s not too late to pledge kickstarter.com.