Hendo Hoverboard, the First Levitating Device

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For hundreds and even thousands of years now people dreamt about flying, and the airplanes made that dream a reality. However, hovering or even levitating is still a dream that didn’t come true, yet thanks to the Hendo Hoverboard it might become a reality very soon.

What this device does is that it basically enables you to hover on a special surface. The device will keep you at around 1 inch above the ground and move you wherever you want to go, pretty much like a skateboard that doesn’t reach the ground. The gravity-defying device is now in a prototype phase and it requires money from Kickstarter in order to complete the development, but even up to this point it manages to bring some impressive feats. Right now, the development team has completed the 18th version of the prototype and it continues to provide even more functions to the device on a weekly on monthly basis, depending on the feature difficulty.

Once you turn the Hendo Hoverboard to see its lower side you will find that it houses four hover engines that have a disc shape. These engines generate a magnetic field that makes the board levitate off the ground. On top of that, the Hendo Hoverboard has a safety switch that can be pressed at any given time in the case of a malfunction as well as some battery cells that provide full functionality to the board.

But the prototype is only the beginning, as the final Hendo Hoverboard is envisioned to become a much more elegant device with a great, elegant design and numerous other added features.

If you go to Kickstarter you will find out that you can also bid for the development kit, which will bring you access only to the powerful magnets included within the Hendo Hoverboard. These are provided to people either for playing with them or for numerous other applications. Thanks to the community, the sky is the limit, so it’s safe to say that a lot of new tools might be developed based on this development kit alone.

The Hendo Hoverboard has a hefty price tag, as it requires you to pay $10000 in order to take it home. It’s a little on the expensive side, but then again this is the first device of its kind, and the new technology might very well justify its price.

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