Get Up Close and Personal with the New Cuddlr App

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What do you do when you really want to cuddle with someone but don’t have friends or family around to oblige? If you’re the adventurous and trusting type you might try the new Cuddlr app, which allows you to find someone in your immediate area who might also want to cuddle with you. As with all friend finding apps, it only works with others who have the same app and who are using it for the same reason.


How It Works

To use the Cuddlr app, you download it onto your smartphone or other device and then load in your location and other information. Then, when you’re ready to cuddle with someone, you send a message out there that you’re looking for a cuddle. You can offer any information you want about your potential cuddling, such as whether you want to cuddle in public or private, and where people can find you. The app then allows others in your same area to respond. It will show a map of their general location and any message they send back. You use the app to arrange a time and location to meet.


As with any and all apps that allow you to meet up with strangers, you need to be careful about using the Cuddlr app. No doubt many assume that cuddling means something more, while others may assume that you’re looking to start a relationship. It’s always recommended that you use common sense safety precautions when using the Cuddlr app for meeting strangers. Do so in daylight in a public place; never invite someone to your home.

The app also asks you about your cuddling experience afterwards so that you can note if it was good or bad or inappropriate. This will allow it to flag users who may not be using the app as they should. You can also note if it didn’t happen so the app can track who uses it the most and where it’s not being used at all. This helps the app to improve the cuddling experience for everyone.