Exploride: a Ride into the Future is Here!

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When Tony Stark aka Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. uses his gears at his man cave, a part of almost anyone watching wants to be there, even if it is to just play with all those toys and not to become the superhero. When the mounted screens, transferable live scanned images and various virtual and augmented realities get featured in films like Avatar and others, we just long for something like that in our real lives.

Well, guess what, Exploride is here to give you a ride into the future.

Exploride is nifty device that gets mounted on your car’s dashboard and it does basically everything that you would need from your central console. Just to give you a sneak peek, Exploride is loaded with GPS, music, dash-cam, all data pertaining to your trip, hotspot, a ton of apps and you can hook to the cloud. You can do all of this using your gestures since there is an integral hands-free feature.

Let us be honest, Exploride is not getting you anything that modern cars don’t have already but how you get it, how you access it and use it makes all the difference. Mount the Exploride onto your dashboard, have a transparent screen up that lets you access all of the aforementioned with hand gestures. No more reaching out to the central console or some part of your dashboard, no more getting distracted or trying to touch and swipe the screens or to press some buttons. Keep looking ahead, watch out for the road, drive safe and keep dabbling with the features or the accesses that Exploride provides.

Exploride delivers what most of us have been longing for and it does so in style. The device is indeed the secret to convert your car into a smart car.