Enki Stove Wild: Camp Stove Evolution

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People who love the wild and the outdoors enjoy camping. The basic purpose of camping is to spend a day out of the daily routine. People on camping like the idea of packing light and to enjoy a day without the everyday luxuries. However, it is not completely possible. We are a generation that is not only addicted to technology but cannot actually survive without it. However, it is not always possible to carry around heavy stuff. For example, carrying gas tanks or charcoal for cooking all the way to the camp site can be really difficult. Once again, it is technology that has come to our aid to solve this difficulty.
The Enki Stove Wild is an innovation for campers. It is a uniquely designed stove just for camping or a road trip. You can cook anywhere using whatever you can find in the nature near you. Many of you might think that this is a survival kit item. However, it is not. It is a professional stove that helps you cut the weight of transportation luggage and pollution in the environment. There will be no smoke and very little amount of wood or gas. It is convenient and helps you save the resources of the earth.
Carrying the Enki Stove Wild is far easier than carrying the weight of propane tanks. All you need is a battery (or a solar panel), some dry source of producing fire and a fire starter.
How to Use the Enki Stove Wild
1. Insert the dry biomass into the chamber of the stove
2. Cover the top with flammable material
3. When the fire is covering the chamber, connect to the battery
As a result, you will get a consistent, powerful and smoke free flame.
Why Choose Enki Stove Wild
The Enki Stove Wild is more user and environment friendly than charcoal grills. It is light weight, making it easier to carry. You can find dry biomass in nature and it would work without any hassle. If you still want to be extra prepared, you can buy 15 gram wood pellet nag that will only cost you 4 dollars. 15 grams of pellet will let you cook up 55 hours on the Enki Stove Wild. Moreover, this specially designed stove does not need long preparation. It will be ready for cooking in just seconds.
Six gas tanks weighing 1.3 kilograms will allow you to cook for six and half hours. The Enki Stove Wild weighs the same but the duration is almost unlimited. The stove comes with flexibility. You can easily adjust the controls between power, heat and duration.
The Enki Stove Wild was designed and made in Italy; and has ISO 9600 certification. This ensures that the standards required by high voltage transportations are being followed.
It has taken the developers more than 4 years to reach the current shape of the Enki Stove Wild. The product has been tested and supported by more than 50 early users. Thanks to their constant feedback, this invention has reached its final shape.