Electric Road Glacier Sunglasses [Updated for 2020]

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Electric claims that Road Glacier is their most inventive set of sunglasses ever since their inception. And I believe we’ll have to convalesce with them as well since you don’t often get to see glasses that can have their appearance and functionality completely transformed simply by swapping different parts.

The glasses have been designed in partnership with surf icon Chris Christenson, the sunglasses are versatile; thereby allowing the owner to use them for multitudes of purposes. These glasses can be customized to suit your everyday activities ranging from riding on a motorbike, driving a car, enjoying a bright sunny day or skiing on a snow-clad mountain.

These glasses can be tweaked to adopt the classic wayfarer fashion so they should be the best fit for virtually all kinds of attires. The glasses come with two sets of eye shields, one mesh and one leather that can be attached to obstruct wind, snow or dust while carrying out different activities. The manufacturers have also added a couple of pairs of temples, one of which is conventional while the other one hooks around the ear completely. This helps the glasses stay on no matter who much turbulent your ride becomes.


The glasses include a mold-injected Grilamid frame that boasts a double-action hinge mechanism with an OHM polycarbonate lens that provides 100% Ultraviolet rays protection and 98% protection from blue light. Other features include melanin-injected polarized lens to allow underwater visibility, lens coating to bolster performance such as hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-reflective and hardness, a sunglass leash and a customized roll case for holding everything.

The Electric Road Glacier can be purchased under $200.