Direct Energy & Nest Join Hands to Offer an Affordable Smart Home Utility Service

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Direct Energy & Nest have reportedly joined hands to provide smart home devices in the United States. Direct Energy is one of the more well known energy suppliers in North America and Nest is a market leader in smart thermostats. The partnership, which was initiated with the deal for Canada, has now expanded its outreach to the US.

Earlier this year, Nest had tied up with Direct Energy to launch a deal in Alberta, Canada, by the virtue of which homeowners and commercial property owners could purchase the utility services of Direct Energy and get an incentive on Nest thermostats. A similar deal has been arranged for 46 states and District of Columbia in the US.

The program in Canada is known as Comfort & Control Plan with Direct Energy and it offers the Nest thermostat for free when a customer signs up for a five year contract for the utility services. The Nest thermostat retails at $249 which is a cool gift to have for a contract. With the offer, one can expect to get the thermostat for free and a fixed rate for electricity for a fixed period of time. The Nest thermostat is quite popular in its own right. The company was acquired by technology giant Google in February. With Google driving the technology of Nest and Direct Energy bringing its more than six million customer base, the smart home utility service package may be just the thing the two companies need and also what consumers require in this age of staggering utility costs.

The Nest thermostat has numerous benefits. It doesn’t require any complex programming, it remembers your preferences and can act or react accordingly, it saves as much as 20% on cooling and heating costs, it can be hooked to a laptop, tablet or smart phone and can be accessed from anywhere, there is a clear indication of how much energy you are potentially saving and there are tips issued monthly to provide a customer a better idea of how to save more energy and how they are going right or wrong with their preferences and utility usage.

The Nest thermostat doesn’t require any extensive installation. Usually a customer can do it without any professional help. However, there are installation services from Direct Energy & Nest which can take care of the entire setting up of the smart device.