Ciclotte: Exercising Gets a Tad More Stylish

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Trust the Italians to excel at art and aesthetics and they would never disappoint. Ciclotte is yet another example of Italian craftsmanship which is practical, beautiful and state of the art. Imagine Ferrari, Gucci, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Bvlgari among dozens of other renowned brands, all of which are the absolute best in their niche. Now comes the Ciclotte designed by Luca Schieppati.

In its absolute basic sense, Ciclotte is an exercising cycle, the kind you would see at a gym or fitness center. But there are quite a few differences, rather upgrades. Ciclotte is designed to emulate the form of the monocycle. One wheel, one saddle and two horns; you may have spotted one of these in the amusement parks or at the theater. While Ciclotte has the primary purpose of helping you to stay fit and agile, it actually packs in a lot of punch.

To begin with, Ciclotte looks surreal. It has a state of the art aesthetic appeal. One would imagine this kind of tech in sci-fi movies or in the dystopian world and yet we have the piece right here right now. The design is lightweight, courtesy the carbon fiber. The sleek design would go with any interior and would actually accentuate the premise. There are sufficient colors to choose from and the piece can be installed anywhere. You can have the Ciclotte in your living room, on the deck, in your bedroom or even in the hallway if you want. It would look great just about anywhere, even in the garage.

As one would expect from modern fitness equipment, the Ciclotte tracks all your essential or vital signs and it gives you every detail pertaining to your exercise. In addition to that, there is an infotainment console which can play music, help you read the news and do all kinds of work and play while you are cycling a few miles every day to stay healthy.

Ciclotte makes all the right noises but its price and long-term usability would be put to question by rational buyers. It is a great impulse buy and a great addition for those who love splendorous indoors with some utility. But the equipment may not appeal to any and sundry. Ciclotte is perhaps not designed for everybody but it would certainly satiate those who have a penchant for classier things in life.