Carv: Wearable, Amazing Ski Product Technology

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The more you learn about Carv, which is currently being touted as the world’s first wearable that also helps you ski better, the harder all of it is to believe. After all, it’s difficult to imagine that something could actually come out that could be capable of offering comfort, as well as the opportunity to actually become a better skier.

It’s all true. Carv is definitely ambitious, and it would seem that it more than meets the requirements for that ambition.

How Carv Works
The wearable aspect of Carv is definitely the kind of thing that’s worth getting excited about. However, as comfortable and functional as this wearable is, you should still keep in mind that it is capable of so much more than that. You’re going to discover that whether you are a newcomer, a journeyman skier, or even someone who might qualify as a pro, you can take advantage of the teaching aspects of Carv.

Simply put, Carv gives you complete access to the kind of data that can tell you exactly where you stand as a skier. Carv is capable of providing real-time coaching and technique analysis, breaking down every aspect of your performance into terms you can utilize in future runs.

Advantages Of Carv
Through a wireless connection to your smartphone, you’ll be able to take full advantage of everything Carv offers to skiers from all walks of life. It’s one thing to just give you a bunch of data that may not even make sense. It’s another thing to take all of the data from your latest run, and give it to you in a format that’s easy to comprehend. Furthermore, Carv goes the extra mile by giving you the ability to utilize everything it is telling you.

With this wearable, you’re going to find your performance on the slops improving by leaps and bounds.