Carbon Suv E-bike: a Smart Commute

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Carbon SUV is reckoned to be one of the finest e-bike concepts available in the transportation industry. With a weight of mere 30kgs, it is one of the lightest e-bikes. Basically, the design is a mix of bike and motorcycle. The paddles allow you to run it like a normal bike whereas the rechargeable batteries and motor propulsion mechanisms make it a competitive motorcycle.

The strong structure and broad tires allow you to use it anywhere. You can use it on busy city streets as well as for off-roading on a tough hilly terrain. It can easily gain a max speed of 25-30 km/h depending on the size of the battery attached.


Due to its state of the art design, this bike is the new face of automotive industry. It is a good mix of technology, strength, and affordability. Major design features of this e-bike are discussed below:

  • The frame of the bike uses an alloy of aluminum and carbon which results in such light weight.
  • Hydraulic brakes are used both at front and rear wheel for high performance
  • Like traditional bikes, chain mechanism is used to push the bike forward

Moreover, the gas shock absorber and fat tubeless tires add further stability to the design.


Since it is a dual purpose bike, you can use it both as a bike or a motorcycle. You can paddle it across mountains and rough roads when on the go, on your vacations. The push mechanism of the bike makes traveling easy for you.

The brushless motor drive system helps you use it as a motorbike as well. It can gain a speed of 0-30 km/h within few seconds. The lithium-ion battery takes 6-8hours for charging and can last approx. 1000 recharges.


Major benefits of Carbon SUV e-bike are discussed below:

  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike traditional motorbikes, it doesn’t have any damaging effects on the environment.
  • Health Benefits: If you use it for the commute, you can stay fit and healthy. Since it is a multipurpose bike, you can use for both for regular use as well for off-roading.
  • Economic Edge: Since it requires very little amount of electricity to recharge its batteries, therefore, it is very affordable in the longer run.

Moreover, it is fast and easy to maintain, which further elevate its importance. The effort and idea behind the bike have been recognized by some of the huge names in the automotive industry.