17 Best Gift Boxes for Womens Birthday

Gift shopping can be hard. And gift shopping for women, in particular, has to be one of the most strenuous tasks at hand. It not only comes with serious anxiety but also leaves you drowned in an abundance of options. Therefore, to help you pick the most delightful present for women in your life, we have prepared a list of 17 best gift boxes for womens birthday. These handmade gift boxes are sure to qualify as a delightful present for every woman. And since birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions are always on the horizon. It is better for you to be prepared with charming gift ideas. Scroll through this list to find some of the best gift boxes for womens birthday,

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1. Spa Gift Set, Handmade Lavender Gift Box, Relaxing Package for Women

This lavender spa set has made it through to our list of best gift boxes for women’s birthday because of its all-natural ingredients. This gift box features a collection of pure scented self-care products and accessories. Above all, it includes some of the best pampering products to give her a relaxing spa time at home. Thus, making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or for a best friend who is looking forward to a relaxing weekend after late office hours.


Lavender Spa Set - 11 best gift boxes for womenThe paraben-free natural product set includes,

  • Himalayan Natural Soap Bar
  • Facial Clay Mask
  • Shower steamer
  • Lavender Body Oil
  • Bath Bomb
  • Natural Lip Balm
  • Face Towel
  • Scented Soy Candle
  • White Sponge
  • Gorgeous New elegant box

Note: This product is also available in two other variants, the Handmade Citrus Spa Care Gift Box and the Complete Spa Gift Set.

2. Personalized Thank you Gift Box

Thank you Gift Box with Succulent PlantThis personalized gift box is a perfect way to extend your warm regards to your female colleagues. Or even drop by a casual thank you to a dear friend. Home to eco-friendly items and stamped jewelry, this gift box is sure to win their heart with warmth. Therefore, we find it an ideal choice when it comes to picking some of the best gift boxes for womens birthday. Above all, the minimalistic packing in pastel hues is a cherry on top!


The box contains,

  • live succulent
  • scented candle
  • thank you card
  • envelop
  • pair of studs in turquoise

3. Dry Rose Happy Birthday Gift Basket

Dry Rose Spa Kit for WomenInspired by the magical hues of rose scent, this spa kit box is put together to lend the recipient a refreshing feel. That is to say, each item in the box offers deep relaxation and lasting rejuvenation. Moreover, the box has a subtle rose accent to it, adding just the right amount of pink hues to make your girl’s day!

Above all, the packaging hits the dart with a beautiful artificial rose flower and twine to complement the overall aesthetics. Thus, making it one of the best gift boxes for a woman’s birthday in your life.


This spa gift set includes

  • Rose & Pink Clay Bath Salt (scented with Rose Geranium Essential Oil) 8 oz
  • Pink Clay Rose Goat Milk Soap
  • Lavender Soy Candle with Rose Buds 4 oz
  • Organic Beeswax Coconut Vanilla lip balm
  • Beets & Apples Handmade dark chocolate
  • Personalized Gift Note

4. Surprise Gift Box for Nurses – Gift boxes for womens birthday

Gift Boxes for Nurses - best gift boxes for womenFeaturing a classic combination of pink and white hues, this gift box is a show-stopper. It is packed with hand-made items to add just the right amount of thoughtful gestures. Thus, making it a well-loved gift box for women from the health care profession.


  • 1 Badge Reel Base
  • 3 Interchangeable Buttons
  • 1 Stethoscope ID Tag Base
  • 1 Set of 3 Hair Ties

5. Women’s Birthday Gift Box Set 9 Unique Surprise Gifts

This vibrant gift basket makes a perfect pick to wish her a happy birthday. Blooming in pink hues and sparkly love, the basket is home to decadent snacks and self-care accessories. From sugar-coated gummy bears to a quirky cosmetic bag and scented candles. This charming birthday solution surprise has it all to make her day.

Above all, each item in this gift box is thoughtfully picked to give her a chance to enjoy the charms of life. Thus, making one of the best gift boxes for womens birthday.


Happy Birthday Set - best gift boxes for womenThe 9 items include,

  • Custom cosmetic bag with zipper closure
  • Birthday bath bomb
  • Nourishing vanilla macaroon hand cream
  • Custom lip balm
  • Foldable compact hairbrush & mirror
  • Hand-poured birthday cake scented candle
  • Deluxe manicure kit
  • Project 7 birthday cake chewing gum
  • Either one of Sugar sanded gummy bears and white chocolate covered birthday Oreos (cooler months)

6. Bath and Body Coconut Self Care Gift Basket for Women

Pamper your mother or spoil your wife with this spa basket that includes a heavenly collection of self-care products.  This all-inclusive gift basket features a personalized collection of exotic Vanilla and Coconut products that are made with moisturizing shea butter. From bubble bath and shower gel to soothing body oil, it contains all. Thus, it is sure to leave your lady impressed by your selection. Moreover, the gift basket is made of wood and is reusable.


Coconut and Vanilla Spa KitThe gift set includes,

  • Bath Towel
  • 200 ml Shower Gel
  • 200 ml Bubble Bath
  • 100 ml Body Scrub
  • 30 ml Body Oil
  • 2 x 150 g Bath Bomb
  • 250 g Bath Salt
  • Reusable Gift Wood Basket

7. Hand Blown Glass Pendant Wish Necklace Gift box and Quote

Dainty Dandelion necklace - gift boxes for womens birthdayYou can never go wrong with a dainty present that is wrapped with love. This stunning glass globe wish necklace is an ode to elegance. And so, it classifies as a gorgeous gift for someone special in your life. Above all, the necklace has been crafted with attention to detail, each dandelion seed is handpicked and secured in the globe. Thus, lending it a special heartfelt vibe like no other gift box on our list of best gift boxes for womens birthday.

This is a perfect present for friends, daughters, and most importantly for bridesmaids.


This dainty necklace comes with,

  • A sweet ‘make a wish” card
  • A pastel box with shredded gift tissue paper in Victorian shades.

8.  Bee Joyful Variety Gift Box – All-Natural


This gift box is designed for beauty fanatics who love skincare products. Each product is handmade in a small batch with all-natural ingredients. This is why it makes an ideal gift for someone who loves organic skincare products. So, give this gift of beauty to your mother as a token of appreciation for her motherhood. Or you can send it to your bridesmaid squad for pre-wedding pampering.


Bee Well Variety Gift Box for WomenEach variety gift box includes,

  • Bee Calm Body Balm Lotion Stick
  • Lavender Blossom Soap
  • Orange Lip Balm
  • Bee Well Herbal Salve
  • Mini Decorative Bee Soap
  • Pastel Colored Bath Pouf

9. Grandma Gift Box Turning into a Photo Album – Gift boxes for a woman’s birthday

Exploding Gift Box for Grandma - best gift boxes for womenYou’ve made unforgettable memories with your grandma. She has seen you grow from a crying toddler to an amateur adult and all these moments are resting in photographs. So, what better way to surprise her, then an exploding gift box that speaks of your ever-loving bond with her.

This handmade exploding gift box allows you to share 13 photographs and get them customized into a foldable design. Thus, as the box opens, to your grandma’s surprise it will take her back to old memories. This is why we totally adore this cute exploding box on our list of best gift boxes for a women’s birthday.


  • Solid Beechwood Box
  • Cardstock Layers
  • Customizable Design

Note: This product is also available variants, the Will You Be My Bridesmaid Exploding Box, and the Explosion Gift Box for Wedding Anniversary.

10. Happy Birthday Box for Women, Candy Happy Birthday Package Birthday Gift Set

gift boxes for womens birthday Rose Gold Happy Birthday SetIf you are hunting a unique birthday gift box for women, then this personalized gift set is sure to make them smile. This box is nothing less than a fabulous treat to open. The trendy collection of birthday eye-pleasing goodies makes it a favorite pick on our list of best gift boxes for women’s birthday. Above all, the products come in an exquisitely designed box. Therefore, we insist you get this one to genuinely express your affection towards them.


This rose-gold gift set includes,

  • Insulated stainless steel 12 oz. birthday tumbler
  • Bath Bomb
  • Scented Candle
  • Birthday Hat Wine Stopper
  • Rock Candy Sticks

11. New Mom Spa Gift Box – Gift boxes for women’s birthday

Baby Shower Gift - best gift boxes for womenIf you find yourself frustrated with the challenge of finding gifts for new mothers, then this personalized spa set ticks off all your requirements. Featuring an insulated tumbler that reads ‘mom’, a bath bomb, and body butter, it is guaranteed to be a big hit at the baby shower. Moreover, the turquoise hues add a refreshing feel to the spa kit. Thus, making it a well-loved gift box to show some extra love to a new mom.


This gift box for women includes,

  • Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • Two Bar of Natural Premium Soap
  • Confetti Bath Bomb
  • Silk Skin Lotion
  • Greeting Card

12. Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12

For a friend with a quirky personality or simply one who loves bathing essentials, this bath bomb set makes an ideal gift. Home to a palette of vibrant colors and glittery accents, each bath bomb smells exotic. Furthermore, they are crafted essential oils to give a therapeutic spa experience to the recipient. Thus, qualifying it unarguably as one of the best gift boxes for womens birthday.


Bath Bomb Set - explosion boxes for birthdayThe set of 12 bath bombs has the following scents:

  • Lavender
  • Kiwi and Strawberry
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • Angel
  • Melon ball
  • Fun in the Shower
  • Fun on the Beach
  • Lemongrass Green Tea
  • Shea Coconut
  • Love
  • Mango Papaya
  • Victorian Rose

13. UnboxMe Care Package for Ladies to Feel Better Soon Get Well Soon Gift

This curated get-well-soon box has its own calm charm. And thus, offers a little something to everyone. Each product in this box is hand-picked with care and later hand-packed to add a heartwarming touch. Therefore, on our list of best gift boxes for womens birthday, this care box stands in its own charm. So, we say, there is nothing like this one to show affection for someone who is a little under the weather. Above all, to tell them that you care even if you are socially distant in these uncertain times.


explosion box birthday gift surprise box Get Well Soon Gift SetEach wellness box includes,

  • Organic White Lemon Ginger Tea Tin (6 Teabags)
  • 5 x 100% Raw Honey Sticks
  • Hand-poured Sea Salt + Eucalyptus Soy Candle
  • Mini Faux Succulent
  • Fuzzy Socks

14. LLama Spa Gift Box – Gift boxes for womens birthday

This No Drama Llama spa gift set is for all those girls who love to pamper themselves. So, if you have a princess who loves Llama then this Llama themed-spa gift box is sure to make her jump with excitement. That is to say, this gift set includes all bathing essentials to make her feel spoiled. So, regardless of age, this checks off all requirements for a pretty surprise birthday box. Above all, the quirky colors add an extra fun element to the overall aesthetics of the gift box.


women gift boxesThis No Drama Llama Gift Box includes,

  • No Llama Drama Sugar Scrub
  • 3 Adorable Llama Soaps
  • No Llama Drama Bath Bomb
  • No Llama Drama body butter lotion

15. Spa Luxetique Rose Bath Gift Basket – Gift boxes for ladies birthday


This rose bath gift set is a beautiful blend of luxury and comfort. Thus, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day treat to your lady love or a Mother’s Day present to thank your mom for her unconditional motherhood. It is blooming with rose essential oil giving the recipient a luxuriously charming feel. Additionally, this gift box for women makes a wonderful present for birthdays, holidays, and Christmas as well.


  • Luxury Spa Bucket - 11 best gift boxes for womens birthdayShower Gel and Bath
  • Essential Oils
  • Flower-shaped Shower Puff
  • Hair Drying Towel
  • Rose Cloth Box
  • Bath Bombs
  • Nourishing Hand Cream
  • Body Lotion
  • Soap
  • Bath Salt

16. Best Birthday or Mother’s Day Gift for your Mom 

This gift box is thoughtful, unique, and surely holds sentimental value. And so, has swiftly made it to our list of best gift boxes for Mom’s birthday. Featuring a hand-picked combination of a little bit of everything she loves; this gift box is sure to brighten up her face with a big smile. Therefore, it is a great gift for wishing your loving mom the heartiest happy birthday.


This adorable gift set for mothers includes,

  • gift boxes for womens birthday Best Mother Birthday Box3 pairs of wool socks
  • 6 bath bombs
  • 1 Woven Scarf
  • Jewelry Ring Dish Holder
  • Coffee Mug

17. Calming Handmade All natural Bath Salts Spa Gift – Gift boxes for women’s birthday

The last one on our list is a pastel selection of calming bath salts. Inspired by calm hues and soothing feels, this bath salt set is an ideal pick for bridesmaids. The collection features three different luxury bath salts that will treat the recipient of this gift to a relaxing bath. Moreover, the bath salts are made with essential oils, epsom salts, and dried flowers for a sweet scent.

So, either treat your wife to a relaxing weekend or send it over as a surprise box to your girl squad.


The 3 tubes of foaming bath salts have the following scents,

  • gift boxes for womens birthday Bathing Salts Gift SetRomantic Rose
  • Lively Lemongrass
  • Relaxing Lavender

Final Verdict for gift boxes for womens birthday

This massive list of best gift boxes for womens birthday has a little bit of everything to help you plan the next present for the ladies in your life. For us, the Spa Gift Set, Handmade Lavender Gift Box, Relaxing Package for Women, and the Hand Blown Glass Pendant Wish Necklace Gift box and Quote are most likely to qualify as the best picks from this list. So, shop wisely for the ladies if you wish to spread smiles and get hugs from each one of them!

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