Airbeam – a Way to Breathe Healthy

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The air we breathe in is not always our best friend. It is a paradox actually, much like that of oxygen. The oxygen that is a live giver is also a life taker. The oxidation process in the cells owing to the oxygen we breathe in actually causes the cells to age, their regenerative capacity is reduced over time and then halted at one stage. That causes ageing and eventual inability of the body to sustain all its functions. Much like the oxygen, the air we breathe in is a friend and a foe. It gives us life but it also affects our health adversely. The reason is quite simple – particulate matter in the air.

Most people in the world don’t breathe in air that is healthy. The exceptions are those people who live in natural settings which have not been affected by industrialization or urbanization. Even villages and remote towns that have proximity to industries or landfills are actually prone to air ridden with particulate matter. The only way to guard yourself against such air is to be aware of what you are breathing in.

AirbeamAirBeam is an innovative way to know how much particulate matter exists in the air around you. It shares that information with others who are in the same environment and is thus affected by the same air. Knowing the extent to which the air around you is unhealthy AirBeam will allow you to take corrective measures so you can breathe in healthier air.

Every government in the world, rather country, has systems in place to measure the pollutants in the air. But those systems are not installed in every nook and corner of any country. The systems are confined to designated places and thus can only measure the quality of the air in that area. It cannot have a universal outreach. What the measurements of the civic systems show and what becomes the bulletin every day is not exactly an account of the air everyone breathes in. To know that, one has to assess the quality of air in the immediate surroundings.

AirBeam is a small device that takes a small amount of air, assesses it for particulate matter and pollutants, shares this information through AirCasting and makes people aware of what kind of air a specific neighborhood, district or town is being exposed to. AirBeam is an innovative way to more conscious living and to breathe healthy.