9 Best Water Transfer Pumps

9 Best Water Transfer Pumps

Water transfer pumps do a vital job when you want to transfer water from one place to another. Much like other water pumps, transfer pumps create a pressure difference between water levels and suck the water stuck in places like pools, basements, and other unnecessary ditches. These water pumps are also useful in case of removing clog fluids in a different spots of machines.

There are different models and shapes of water transfer pumps available in the market right now. After a great deal of research and reviewing we came up with the list of 9 best water transfer pumps available in the market right now. Keeping one of these pumps will be an important accessory for your home, farms, and other workshop places.

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1. WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump


When talking about the best water transfer pumps, WAYNE is the name you can trust in the first place. In the WAYNE PC series, PC2 is more capable of doing the job than the rest of its cousin pumps. From the outside, this water transfer pump is made of the bronze plate with durable features. The pumping rate is 340-gallons of water per hour. It removes the water down to 1/8-inches of the surface.

PC2 water transfer pump can gear up to 300 GPH with a maximum flow of 410 gallons per hour. Moreover, it creates little noise during its operation, which is better for household uses. To suck out the water, you can use a standard garden hose for maximum efficiency.


  • Uses 120-volt power source
  • Portable design for easy mobility
  • Powerful pumping machine for time-saving performance
  • Bronze-coated for enhanced durability
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2. SumpMarine UTP 330 GPH Portable Transfer Water Pump


SumpMarine is another superior quality water transfer pump that you can rely on. One of the prominent features of this transfer pump is its sheer power. It can peak up-to 1/10 of HP with a capacity of 330 GPH. 115V of the power source with a wall socket can be used to operate it.

A metal hose connector, in addition to plastic, comes with it for more efficient water sucking. The design is lightweight and portable. The package comes with a 6-inch hose and impeller replacement kit. You can use this pump for a variety of water draining, from waterbeds to aquariums and even for used fuel drainage.


  • Powerful motor operation
  • Kits include necessary accessories
  • Capacity: 330 gallons-per-hour
  • Special connector for metallic hose
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3. WAYNE PC4 Multi-Purpose Pump With Suction Strainer


WAYNE PC4 is another water sucking system, from the company WYANE, with more capacity and motor power. With a maximum flow rate of 1450 GPH, it has a monstrous motor. The pressure it generates is more than enough to extract water with much ease than you think. It can generate up to 50 PSI at the outlet hose for much affiancing pressure creation.

The assembly of these pumps occurs in the United States with some parts imported from foreign countries. The outer construction is strong with the iron cast material for long time durability. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by using this pump in removing water from stock tanks, basements, and even boats.


  • Create a pressure of up to 50 PSI
  • Can be used for washing cars & sideways
  • Powerful motor with 1450 GPH capacity


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4. Champion Semi-Trash Water Transfer Pump

Champion Semi-Trash Water Transfer PumpDESCRIPTION

Champion Power Equipment pumps not only serves the purpose of transferring fluids, but also small particles of trash as well. This ability makes it one of the most versatile and multi-purpose pumps in the market. There is a complete setup of things to start immediately with 12-feet intake hose, cam action coupler, clamps fittings and adapters, and 20-feet output hose.

The steel frame is rock-solid and has tires for easy movement. With maximum delivery power of 196cc, it can quickly suck fluid of 158 gallons in a single minute. Besides water, it will also suck solid waste like mud and other semi-trash particles.


  • Water + semi-trash transfer pump
  • Comes with all needed tools and accessories
  • Capacity: 158 gallons-per-minute
  • Material: Steel (Frame) & aluminum (Impeller)
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5 –Trupow Mini Portable Electric Sump Transfer Water Pump


As the name suggests, this pump is one the powerful and top-rated–best water transfer pump in the market available right now. The built-in quality is high with durable metal frame construction and metal hose connectors instead of plastic threads. Another equally important things are its portability and lightweight design.

Talking about performance, this sump pump utilizes a 115V-60Hz AC power source with a maximum flow rate of 330 GPH. In addition to these, the package comes with a complete impeller replacement kit. The pump will bring down the water level to 1/8 of the inch. It is a perfect common household utility tasks like draining the pool, aquarium, and clogged sinks.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Durable metallic construction
  • 330 gallons-per-hour capacity
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6. Portable Mini Electric Water Transfer Utility Pump


This portable transfer pump, Maresh Products, is one of the heavy-duty transfer pumps. All necessary parts come with the package including 6 ft. water hose, filter board, and motor brush. It has a minimum capacity of sucking 330 gallons per hour. One special quality of this specific pump is self-priming. You don’t need to worry about any trapped air or fluid particles.

From the outside, the main material is steel and aluminum. The frame is tough and durable. When talking about performance, it can lift water from as deep as 39 feet. Installation and usage of the machine easy. You can use for watering gardens and lawns, or source water from deep sources.


  • All needed accessories are included in the package
  • Self-priming pump
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
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7. Goplus Water Transfer Pump


Goplus water transfer pumps are known for their quality material and standard production procedures. The motor features top-notch copper wiring along with a heavy-duty outer shell. All these make it able to withstand heavy use.

The product is certified and professionally graded for its advanced technology in the production process. Furthermore, when it comes to performance, this pump doesn’t hold back. With a pumping capacity of 330 GPH, it can dig deep and lift water up to 39 feet. Besides that, 6-ft hose and copper hose connectors make things easy when you are going for actual action.


  • Durable and sturdy construction to its core
  • Metallic connectors at both end
  • Professional grade material and production
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8. Vivosun 330 GPH Water Transfer Utility Pump


VIVOSUN is one of those best water transfer pumps which is constructed from quality material. It has bump head made out solid zinc alloy that will resist rust and also wear-and-tear. The filter features with it are perfect for aquarium and pools in your property. All useful parts are available with the package including 6-ft. suction hose, filter, impeller, and gasket. Equipped with a metallic handle, it is easy to carry around.

It delivers a standard performance of 330 GPH and will lift water up to 39 feet. The power source is 115V-60Hz, which is available in every household. The pump is self-priming and besides water transferring you can use it to water your garden and roadside as well.


  • Self-priming pump
  • Metallic handle for portability
  • All parts come with the order
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9. Liberty Pumps 331 Portable Transfer Pump


With 0.5 Hp and pumping capacity of up to 1200 inches, Liberty pumps are one of the powerful from the bunch. It features glass-reinforced thermoplastic impellers with 240 inches of a power cord. The motor is even more powerful with 7500 RPM. This all-in-one kit is your easy way to start water transferring operation in minutes.

The usual 115V/60Hz power source is needed to start it. You can easily change motor brushes. Similarly, there is a brass garden hose connector for longer durability.


  • 1/2 horsepower motor
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Solid metallic construction
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Buyers Guide

Make sure you follow the following checklist before actually buying a water transfer pumps.

Type of the pump:

There are different pumps available in the market with a different use case. Sump pumps, lubricating pumps, pressure pumps are few of them. Make sure you are clear about your utility and purpose before buying a transfer pump.


Always watch out for the type of material used in the pump. Few people prefer lightweight models, that’s why they go for the one made out of alloys. But if you think you need a tough one depending on the nature of your usage, there are multiple options available. Stainless steel & cast iron pumps are more reliable and durable at the same time.

Performance and features:

Always look for pumps with high motor power and pumping speed. If the pumping speed is more than 330, it is good to have it. On the other hand, many related features like a lengthy hose, complete impeller kit, and handle are few things to take into consideration.


A water transfer pump can be a useful piece of equipment for your home and garden. It is versatile and sometimes you can use it for other purposes as well. With so many types and brands available in the market right now, it is sometimes confusing to reach one conclusion. Our list of top best water transfer pumps will try to ease your decision on buying your new water transfer pump.

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