10 Best PVC Party Tents under $100

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If you are interested in throwing a big bash to your loved and dear ones the PVC party tents are the best way to go. Pleasant weather is what we all seek while arranging a party. However, weather can be fickle as it could turn out to be a rainy day or sunny or cloudy or hot or cold on the day of the party. In harsh violent conditions, you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible. Outdoor party tents are large in size and let you throw a massive party. You can even set up fans and heaters inside these tents. They can be decorated with ease and turn out to be a lot cheaper in contrast to renting out a banquet hall. Moreover, if you purchase them once, they will serve you for a longer duration of time and you can keep on using them again and again. They endow a pristine appearance to your party setup and make your guests feel at home. You can come across different types of party tents in the market but it is important that the party tent you opt for is built of high quality fabric. Let’s have a look at the best PVC party tents available on the market.

10 – 40’x20′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies

The waterproof 40’x20′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies provides ample protection to the party guests from sunlight and rain. Boasting 12 lovely detachable plastic windows, the party tent can be made to look more gorgeous by decorating the windows with flowers. The tent comes with seven storage bags while its sidewalls and top are made of premium grade PVC. It includes metal connectors made of galvanized steel and solid zippers. The tent comes with detachable walls which can detached with the help of zippers. The user also gets the required hardwire for setting up the tent with it. The tent is ISO 9001:2000 certified and comes bundled with a user’s instruction manual. It is very easy to put together and withstands gusty windy conditions. It is a party tent for all sorts of weather.

9 – 46’x26′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies

Whether you are looking to arrange a small grocery store outdoors or hold a party or arrange for a wedding, the 46’x26′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies is an ideal choice. It accommodates a seating capacity of around 100 and a standing capacity of about 125. The tent comes bundled together with its frame, accessories, sidewalls and other required tools. However, additionally long pegs have to be purchased to ensure that strong winds do not end up uprooting the 46’x26′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies. The tent comes packaged in 9 boxes weighing around 1156 pounds and boasts 14 removable windows and a couple of end walls. The end wall can be detached as per one’s convenience. Moreover, the tent is waterproof, fire resistant and protects the party guests from sunlight. The entry gate is placed at both the end walls while the user manual that comes packaged with the tent makes it easier for the user to set the tent up. The tent has a ground bar that enhances its stability. This tent is also ISO certified.

8 – 26’x20′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies

Made of premium grade PVC, the 26’x20′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies protects the party guests from harmful rays of the sun along with torrential rain. It consists of a stain built from galvanized steel while the 8 removable plastic windows and sidewalls come with zippers for convenient detachment. The two end walls can also be detached while the tent’s door also comes with a zipper letting you close the tent as and when required. The tent is ISO certified and is easy to assemble thanks to its user friendly instructions manual. The 26’x20′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies is a great option for holding both family as well as business functions as it includes reliable connectors and a base made up of metal.

7 – Tangkula 20’X20′ PVC Tent (White)

Sporting a frame made of 38mm and 42mm galvanized steel tubes, the Tangkula 20’X20′ PVC Tent (White) consists of a luxurious fabric made of high quality PVC. The internal coating on the fabric makes it resistant to water while the tent can be used for both home as well as commercial purposes. You can organize different kinds of events in this long lasting Tangkula 20’X20′ PVC Tent (White). Moreover, it can also be used for storage purposes and you can also park your cars inside it.

6 – 20’x20′ PVC By DELTA Canopies

Designed to cater to both recreational and commercial requirements of users, the premium quality 20’x20′ PVC By DELTA Canopies is made of fabric that is superior in quality than polythene and is coated from the inside. The reliable tent has its top and walls made of high quality material and comes with five storage bags. The connectors are long lasting and give the tent much needed stability and strength. The tent protects the users from the UV radiation of the sun while its six removable windows can be decorated. The tent comes bundled together with the required gear to set it up and is ISO certified. The instruction manual also comes with the tent along with the peg and corner ropes. The 20’x20′ PVC By DELTA Canopies can also sustain strong winds.

5 – 32’x20′ – By DELTA Canopies

Made of high quality fabric, the top and side walls of the 32’x20′ – By DELTA Canopies are made of water resistant material. The tent is a bit bulky and so takes time to be set up. Its fittings are silver coated while the tent’s frame can be greased to prevent corrosion. The tent is large in size and promises to offer comfort to the party guests. It comes with 5 storage bags along with 10 detachable windows, sidewalls and end walls.

4 – 26’x16′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies

With the top and side walls made of premium grade PVC, the 26’x16′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies offers 100% resistance from water and protection from harmful radiation emitted from the sun. The frame is built from galvanized steel and metallic connectors grant this tent much needed stability and strength. Moreover, with 8 lovely detachable windows of plastic and zippers, the doors as well as end walls are removable and the user gets all the paraphernalia required to set up the tent along with five bags for storage purposes. The user manual that comes with the tent is very easy to comprehend and ISO certification makes it one of the best around.

3 – 32’x16′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies

Built for both commercial and home use, the supreme quality 32’x16′ PVC – By DELTA Canopies is made of high quality connectors and a metallic base. It comes with 4 bags for storage purposes and aptly covers the intended area. Just 4 people can comfortably set up the tent which can be opened from anywhere. The 10 removable windows are made of plastic and can be decorated with ease. The waterproof tent is reasonably priced and comes bundled together with all the requisite gear needed for setting it up. The end walls can also be removed.

2 – PVC 10’x30′ Canopy With 6 Side Walls

Featuring 8 sidewalls, 6 of which have removable windows, the PVC 10’x30′ Canopy With 6 Side Walls is made of polyethylene. It is waterproof and provides protection from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The steel tubes are coated to prevent corrosion which make it strong and reliable. The PVC 10’x30′ Canopy With 6 Side Walls is an ideal choice for arranging weddings, birthdays parties and other get-togethers.

1 – 40’x20′ PVC Party – By DELTA Canopies

Boasting a framework of galvanized steel, metallic connectors and base and bundled together with 6 storage bags, the 40’x20′ PVC Party – By DELTA Canopies is right up there at the top in our list. It is luxurious tent that is made of Flame Retardant material and is 100% waterproof. Moreover, it protects against the sun rays and comes with 12 detachable windows and a couple of removable end walls.


Party tents can be used for organizing events and ceremonies. They help you save up on your hard earned money which would otherwise go to waste if you decide to rent out an expensive banquet hall. We have compiled this list of top PVC party tents based on style, consumer reviews and features. You can choose any one of the above tents and you won’t ever regret.