The Clean Sweep – Must Have for Household

Published on: April 14, 2017

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Do you love clean surrounding? Do you find the idea of coming to a spotless clean home soothing?  But cleaning takes times and with busy work life and kids it takes double time to clean. But with this amazing product designed by Shubham Harish is the ideal solution to all your home/office cleaning problems!

The Clean Sweep – Concept:

This amazing cleaning device is based on the robotic vacuum concept.  The incredible mechanism ensures that each and every nook and corner of your home is cleaned spotless!


The Clean Sweep is equipped with infrared sensors that allow you to easily navigate and detect obstructions in the path so that it can maneuver easily.  The tracks of Clean Sweep are similar to that of a tank helping the sweeper easily transitioning from hard to carpeted surface.

What is more, with everything going mobile, now your cleaner will be too.


  • 3D mapping allowing you to tap in anytime with your smart phone. You can genuinely sit back and relax.
  • The top of the device comes with a digital screen that displays the entire layout of your home.
  • The smart designed camera allows you to see the areas that areas that have been vacuumed and those that still need to.
  • The charging dock of Clean Sweep has been specially designed in the shape of a sweeper. Both the charger and sweeper combine together as one unit.
  • With Clean Sweep, you can also get live feedback. The camera located at the front of sweeper gets you live footage of the entire cleaning drill so that you see how it’s done.
  • A slide out dust tray made of clear plastic allows you easy cleaning of the sweeper.
  • Rotary bristles going to and from push the dust inwards towards the roller which moves it into the tray.

Why You Should Get Clean Sweep?

In this fast paced life one does not get much time to carry out detailed home cleaning. With the rage of smart homes, Clean Sweep is an essential need of a smart home.  You could multi-task with the help of this amazing vacuum. You could be relaxing in your favorite chair, reading a book or enjoying a cup of steaming coffee and Clean Sweep shall do the job for you.

You can easily see its progress live from the display. An integrated UI along with 3D mapping technology keeps track of all the areas it has swept and cleaned.  Order yours now!

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