Sunrise Smart Pillow: Your Sleeping Partner

Published on: July 20, 2017

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The way we all are using for waking ourselves up is not much healthy. The traditional alarms wake us up from our deep sleep that can have harmful effects on our overall health. To avoid this kind of situations, the concept of Sunrise smart pillow is introduced. This pillow comes with 18 different features that will handle the process of your sleeping and wake up in a natural way.

Waking up with Sunrise smart pillow:

The Sunrise smart pillow contains a special technology that helps you in getting up in a natural way. The process starts 10 minutes before you have set the alarm. The procedure that is followed for waking people up starts with the production of light like a sunlight on the eyes lids that will help your body in understanding that it’s time to wake up. After that, soothing sounds like nature sounds will be introduced to make sure that you are up. The pillow is designed to provide its users a comfortable sleeping pattern. It is not all about just waking up, the pillow also contains features that will help you fall asleep in a natural way.

The Sunrise smart pillow comes with the following when it comes to the sleeping time:

  • Fan sounds: The disturbances around you can easily be dismissed with the help of fan sounds installed in the smart pillow.
  • Binaural beats: The binaural beats will help you to sleep in a smooth way.
  • Nature sounds: The next option you can get with the smart pillow is the nature sounds that will help you in falling asleep in a natural way.
  • Sound conditioning: Stop all the sounds of surrounding from disturbing you by switching on the sounds like fans or nature sound. This will also help in eliminating the snoring sound of your partner.
  • Audiobook: With this smart pillow, you can stream an audiobook that will be turned off when you fall asleep.
  • Guided meditation: The smart pillow provides you with the opportunity to start or end your day with guided meditations.

All the above-mentioned features will offer a great way to fall asleep in a natural way. Get your Sunrise smart pillow today and allow your body to wake up and sleep naturally.

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