Mini Jam Studio: a Studio of Your Own

Published on: June 14, 2017

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For creating your masterpiece as a musician, you need to have your own studio that will include all the instruments. Well, having a person studio is not possible for everyone which is why a new project is introduced in the market as mini jam studio. The main idea is to create a music studio that will include all the major instruments but at an affordable price and compact size. The mini jam studio is a set that includes a drum machine, an analog filter, a wavetable synthesizer, a mixer and a speaker.

Features of Mini jam studio:

The major features of Mini jam studio are as follows:

  • Cost-effectiveness: The first and the most attractive feature of mini jam studio is that it comes at an affordable price allowing every musician to have it with quite ease.
  • Collaboration: The next impressing feature is the ability to collaborate with other people as well. You can have a rocking jam with your friends with the help of this mini jam studio.
  • Portability: The light weight of the set allows you to handle it with ease. You can take it wherever you want to. Planning to go to a friend’s place? Take the set with you and enjoy a jam over there.
  • Educational: The next feature of mini jam studio is its ability to provide the users with the information about different aspects of music. It will educate the users about patterns, automation, tracks, and filters etc.
  • Powerful: The device set is quite powerful allowing you to live record music or full parameter automation.
  • Compatible: It has the ability to be attached to a lot of other digital devices. Synchronize it with them with the help of triggers.
  • Customizable: As the set contains a combination of instruments that can be used to create music, you can also use one set separately. For example, you just want drum kit, it can be used without attaching the whole set together.
  • Complete: The studio has everything you might need to create your masterpiece. All instruments are created in a compact way allowing you to utilize them as a whole.

The quality of material that is used for the manufacturing of mini jam studio is quite good that will allow the user to create a high-quality music. Get your own mini jam studio and start creating your masterpieces.

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