Ikeybo: Making Life Easier!

Published on: January 25, 2017

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Tired of using small keyboards of your phone and laptop? If yes, iKeybo is the answer to your problems. It is one of the most advanced keyboards introduced in the market. It allows you turn any flat surface into a keyboard. Type on that keyboard or use it as a piano, it will depend on your choice.

What if you are able to speak different languages and you have to type on the same keyboard with one setting only? Obviously, you cannot carry more than 1 keyboards with you to type in different languages. This problem is solved with the help of this iKeybo. You can have keyboards in multiple languages. Create your own studio anywhere and enjoy.

Main features:

  1. It is quite difficult to manage keyboards of different languages so it is best to have an iKeybo with you. It allows you to write in four different languages like English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. These keyboards have all the special characters needed to types in that specific languages.
  2. Music lovers always need to have their instruments with them. No matter where they are, when a tune came into their mind, they have to work on it. Carrying a piano with you everywhere is not something easy. As it is heavy and you will face a lot of problems while taking it to different places. An iKeybo allows you to have your piano anywhere you want. Just place it on a flat surface and it will turn it into your keyboard. Make new tunes and don’t miss out anything just because you did not have your piano with you. Compose new songs with your friends. You can also use it in your studio. Instead of having an actual piano, using an iKeybo for this purpose will help you in making music without nay maintenance issues.
  3. iKeybo has the ability to be used as a charger when not in use. Just connect it to your phone and it can provide you 10 hours of charging to your smart phones or tablets. Moreover, it is quite small in size that fits into your pocket.
  4. iKeybo has the ability to serve as a phone stand when you are using it making it more convenient to use. It has keys in a circular shape that allows a user to type without errors.


Hence, an iKeybo is an ultimate tool to handle your typing as well as piano requirements.

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