Future of F1: Renault Rs 2027

Published on: June 13, 2017

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The technology has provided us with a lot of opportunities to witness the advancements that are taking place. There is no end to the wonders of technology. Well, the field of cars is not behind. The f1 races have seen a lot of cars that were designed in an impressive way. However, the tradition and the patterns continuously change. Although there are a lot of cars that were basically designed with an open cockpit but now the f1 races will now experience designs with the closed cockpits. The designers of the Renault are working on this concept and they are making it quite clear that the new concept of Renault RS 2027 vision.

The Renault RS 2027:

The Renault RS 2027 is a revolution to the designs of cars. It has opened up new gates for the designing that will be done with closed cockpits. The designers at Renault are working on this and the concept is presented at the Shanghai motor show this year. With the presentation of this concept, the trend of the car design is changed. New gates are being opened up for the designs of the future. As Renault is included in the f1 game for the past 40 years now, they have a greater insight of the designs that will work in an effective way. Moreover, their prediction of the future can never get wrong as they are well-aware of the race-car aesthetics and the designing techniques.

The primary focus of the Renault RS 2027 is on the aesthetics that will also be functional. Instead of focusing on only the designs that are functional, there is a need to focus on their designs as well. However, the designs should still focus on the sense of speed. The design is created with the recycled material and the closed cockpit will be printed with a complex design. The printed design will be transparent as well. Moreover, the helmet of the design will be transparent too that will improve the visibility of the driver. Another best part it, it will allow the fans to look directly at their favorite rider when they are performing. In short, the design of Renault RS 2027 will be a revolution.

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