Eye of the Wagen Designed by Volkswagen

Published on: June 8, 2017

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The world has developed to a greater extent so is the things we are using in everyday life. Historically, the cars that were created resembles the horse carriage. The idea of the car design that resembles a lot to a horse carriage continues for a longer period of time. However, with the passage of time and with the advancement in technology, the designs of the cars also starts changing leaving behind the horse carriage design. The designs move towards humanization.

Apart from all the other components of cars, the headlights have gone through a lot of changes. The headlights were assumed to be the eyes of a car and the grill would be the mouth. The shape of headlights provides different feels to the car. For example, the family cars look happy, racing cars lokes aggressive and regular cars provides a serious look. The consideration of headlights as the eye of the car has become more realistic and based on that, new technologies were invented that makes them the actual eye of the car.

Eye of the Wagen:

In today’s world, the headlights of the cars look like as they are staring at you. Just like angel rings, headlights gives a feel as if the car is staring at the person. The design that resembles more with the eyes is Volkswagen ID Crozz. These are made up of the tiny LED that not only illuminate the road but provides a more précised eye look.

As the design of Volkswagen proposed, the inner eyeball and the outer eyelash can be seen as an eye of the car. They lit up in a way as if humans open their eyes. The eyeballs of these headlights are specifically designed so that they can follow and interact with the people and objects. This concept can save a lot of accidents and it opens up a new door in the advancement of cars. Currently, the design is in its conceptual stage which means it is not currently launched in the market for use. However, it was debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show. The design is expected to be introduced in the market by the year 2020. You can easily expect to see the eyes of the cars on the roads soon.

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